RHOA: S10 ep10 “Storming Out”

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Its the tenth episode, and this season has been dragging, even with the return on Nene and Kim.   We are halfway through the season and Bravo possibily realizing they must intice the views to hang with Atlanta, its highest rated franchise. Gave us a preview of the rest of the season .

Last night episode was about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and the housewives efforts to help.   However before going to Houston, lets take care of a little business in Atlanta.

Its Tyrone, from Jail.    Its fish friday.  Sheree is home recovering from her back injury.  She is gone head ovah heels in love with her prision man.   Fish? “your eating better than me”   Someone slap Sheree, its fish sticks!   Jeez!   She brings him current with the other women at the Ill fated “Elephant Meeting”  At the meeting Sheree asks Nene about Tyrone.  Nene didn’t want to talk about it. Even though she has freely talked about him out of her presence with the other ladies.

Well let me ask you this: How long has NeNe been married?” Tyrone asks.  He goes on to say Nene better watch herself cause he’s got stuff too.

Sheree, said Nene was trying to holla at him, while she was separated from Gregg.  Offered to bring him to New York when she was on the Celebrity Apprentice

Hmm, I say!  Hmm!

Cause, Nene did back down, when Sheree tried to get her to tell her what she said about Tyrone!   Nene almost never backs off.  “I said what I said”  Not this time.       Hmmm!

Riley? You Ready for your driving Test? 


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Kandi, I”m ready.  100K  Yea, teach me how to drive, I’ve forgotton everything! 

Riley looks like her father Block and she has his height.   Block called Kandi, and talked about his one millonth child a son and attempted to give the phone to Riley.   Riley hesitated.  Block has been quite the absentee dad, not showing up for dates and after social media beat the shit out of him last year.  Their relationship is on the mend.  Well almost.  Riley didn’t want to talk to him.  Kandi attempted to get her to talk to her dad and Riley walked away in tears.  Off Camera her sobs was beyond heartbreaking and when her little brother Ace called her. “Riley” it was over. Somebody throw me a box of kleenex.

Kudos for Kandi choosing her daughter over the show. .  She had the mic s removed and behind closed doors she spoke to her daughter.   She later called Block and suggested family counseling.

Houston, Texas

August 2017 

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At the dredful Eleapant meeting Porsha asked the ladies if they would help her in Houston.   Porsha isnt’ the flavor this season and no one responded .


Porsha and her sister Lauren go it alone.  They help organize their families charity “HOSEA” to send food and supplies to Houston.  They also plan to go to hand out supplies and donations.

Cynthia, hosting her own event to raise money for the victums in Houston ,goes with the Williams sisters to Houston.   With Cynthia’s event is on Friday, and Porsha’s event on Saturday, they agree they’ll support each other at each one.

Kenya suprises Cynitha at her fundraiser.    Before Kenya’s arrival Cynitha and Porsha were getting alone well.  With Kenya’s entrance.  Porsha was dropped! Porsha who?

Kenya came to Houston with her family to help at Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild homes on Saturday.     Another suprise. Shamea came to Houston to support Porsha.  The intial meeting was tense as the two haven’t been friendly.  But they worked it out.

Porsha sent Shamea to help Kenya.

Kenya is all business and goes all in to work.  At the same time, she barks at other women.

Meanwhile accoss town, more people show up at Porsha event than planned and the event is quickly running out of food.    Porsha loses it, as heart is for the victums.. They were able salvage the event.

This could have easlsily  been the best episode this year and then………

Kenya arrives to dinner late. Well after everyone has ordered and the kitchen is closed.

Shamea confronts Kenya about her behavior earlier.  Kenya apologizes but it was a dismissive apology.   Shamea isnt feeling the apology.    Kenya is like, come on, let it go.  At this point I’m team Kenya.   Hey, I’m sorry, lets not drag this on.  Then Kenya loses me.

She’s rude, she doesn’t want to hear Shamea and orders several glasses of water.  I would have let her have she say, apologized again and said nothing else.

Shamea was going to have her say….

Kenya storms off to the rest room!   In the rest room, she is talking to someone from Bravo and we hear fuck this and that. “I don’t give a fuck about these bitches”  “Fuck thise muthafuckiing hoes”  “That whole table is fucking stupid as shit”    Um, yo gurl Cynithia is at that table too, does that mean she’s fucking stupid?    “No wonder Marc doesn’t want to be a part of the show!”

Porsha goes in the the rest room to check in on Kenya.  We see Kenya flip off the camera and her producers.

The killer moment…..  Kenya storms off to her car.  When her ride or die tries to talk to her.  Kenya says “Goodbye Cynitha, this is not a moment”  And the bitch rolls up the window on Cynitha. 

This was the best show this season….  Will Kenya Survive?







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