RHOA: s10 ep “All About Will”

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The Real Housewives Season 10 has been dragging along for a while now.  There is a build up and then it goes nowhere.  Some of my blogging friends thought last weeks episode with Kenya was contrived at best.  Some of Bravo’s editing shade thrown Kenya’s way.


Porsha and all that trunk is still a Vegan and has a vegan chef.   Porsha has invites Kim (your a disappointment this season) Zolziak whos continues to talks about Kenya’s marriage.  Her hubby Kroy needs a hobby or a job at Home Depot as he seems to drive his wife Miss Daisy around Atlanta.

Kenya is buying her Husband, Husband, HUSBEND! Weights so he can work out in Atlanta.  He loves New York and she thinks the ATL is a better place to raise Kids.

Will visits the Lake Bailey House, where Cynthia is making home made Sushi.  After all these months they seem to be working out the details of their friendship slash relationship?

Kandi has having a big party to celebrate her Essence cover.


Introducing the Next Top Housewife? 

 We meet the beautiful Eva Marcille who won “America’s Next Top Model” many years ago.   We meet the newest housewife with the oldest, Nene, they met in Los Angeles. Eva is planning to move to Atlanta AND her boyfriend is running for the mayor of Atlanta.
 (remember this you will need it later)


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The Event is Kandi’s Essence party. 

Everyone Atlanta is there, Porsha, Kim, some of the ladies from Bravo’s Married to Medicine, Peter (Cynthia’s Ex) is there.     Eva knows Kandi, with Gregg at the wheel the three drive to the event.  In the car we learn ,Eva met Will recently and he introduced her to someone that he described as his girlfriend , this girlfriend who was just wonderful with his daughter.

It’s ON


Nene got some hot fresh and juicy information and the news is slowly released.    Someone HAS to tell Cynthia along away from the group.(wink)

Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, Nene Leakes, Eva Marcille, and Kenya Moore

“Its Kenya”

Everybody follows Kenya, like they were following Beyonce and listens intently as Kenya shares the news about Will.   Eva explains to Cynthia that she only met Will two months ago, but he was with a woman he called his girlfriend.  This is around the time Will and Cynthia was going on their second date.   While she took the info well., she seemed shaken.

Will comes out and sees Cynthia looking upset, so for some reason Kenya pulls him aside to tell him what Cynthia heard from Eva.

Will says that he met Eva seven months ago and that he didn’t have a girlfriend.  He pulls Eva aside to talk .   Will is very defensive from the jump and did his best to avoid the one question Eva had for him .  Did he introduce that woman to her as his girlfriend during the time period he was beginning to date Cynthia?

Eva did not change her story.  They met one time at a political event for her boyfriend and that was a few months ago.   Eva was okay , but you could tell she was a bit stressed to find herself in the mess.    Mr Will was lookin bad and kinda smiled when he said  “Everything was perfect with [Cynthia and me] until this came along and I think that hurt me because of the perfect gentleman I was to her.  He also said he wasn’t going to vote her man in the election.

So be continued










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