Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 EP12 “Peaches be Trippen”

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The Will/Cynthia drama played a small part in last nights episode. If we were to believe the hype, the blow up would continue with some big reveal, it didn’t happen. Porsha gave us another (what I heard?) he was an opportunist and while he didn’t have strong feeling for Cynthia he was going ride this wave.

What we did learn, there is still a lot of love between Peter and Cynthia. Peter left the party early cause he wasn’t ready to see his ex wife with another man. Cynthia lights up when she sees Peter and wants to be friends.

Kenya”s role this season, is the happy bride. Last night she revealed she was six weeks late and knows of the challenges of being 46 and trying to start of family After one test the fertility clinic is in holding pattern as the urine test was inconclusive.

Poor Porsha, you know things are bad when they drag out Mama Joyce to film with you. They get together for lunch and talked about last seasons drama with Phaedra. Joyce asked all the common sense question we asked last season. With such a serious allegation of drugging and what you knew about Kandi, why wouldn’t you follow up, why would you take Phaedra’s word and run with it? Joyce reminded Porsha, Kandi could have sued her and taken everything AND if it were her,she’d be driving Porsha’s Rolls Royce. Joyce told Porsha, that while Kandi is angry,she has a soft core and will eventually come around.

With Kenya missing in action, Cynthia and Nene seem to be back on. The two met for dinner and discussed the drama with Will. Given a choice Nene prefers Peter over Will. The two discuss the next vacation or Bravo field trip, this time Barcelona Spain. The two review who to invite.

Porsha hosts a ‘No Beef Dinner” as Porsha is newly Vegan. Marlo arrives first, being critical of Porsha’s house. Kim arrives and once again we see the Fucking Red Solo Cup? There are drinking glasses, wine glasses and the ” Queen of Hooterville” arrives with a plastic Red Solo cup!

(I need a moment)


Maybe yall can tell me what’s with da cup?

The topic of course is Cynthia, who was the last to arrive. When she arrives, a lot of the women can’t look at her, which confirms her suspicions. They were just talking about her. Marlo is belching like a 300 pound man. Not sure if she was drunk but at one point she says ,she has to leave to visit a cousin in a Nursing home. Someone said Visiting hours are over. Marlo comes back and says, not this one, its 24 hours. Marlo is clearly lying between belches and Porsha’s calls her on it. You mean your going to see one of your new benefactors, your new boo at nursing home?

Its a girls trip, Kim wants bring Kroy, who seem to have had absolutely nothing going on in his life. Not only is he driving Miss Daisy (Kim)everywhere. He waits for her while she’s at a party fighting with Keny Its rare that you see Kim without Kroy. We know Kenya’s leaving her hubby bubby to fight with da girls AND based on her history WE KNOW Kim isn’t going and she bails.

The final scene, the housewives is heading to the airport. Everyone except a late Kandi

With all the hoopla with Nene and Kim returning. I’m not feeling a real contribution to the show. Nene is still funny but Kim seems desperate. The unnecessary fights with Kenya and the that stupid comment about a sexual come on from Kandi makes me want to show her the door.

Next week Barcelona.

Your thoughts?


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