The Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Ep14 Barcelona Breakdown

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There are some people who can suck the life out of the Party and last night that person was Marlo Hampton.   Last night’s episode could have been lite and breezy, something that’s been missing from Atlanta this season.  But Ms Hampton was on deck.

After all the drama, (twittergate)  The ladies spent the night  twerking, jerking their asses off having a good time.   Did we see that?  noo!

At breakfast topic one was Kim and Nene.  Many of the ladies believe Kim’s text was calculated which it was.  Having said that, it was a second party response to what Nene had said about Kim.  Its clear Kim saves the receipts to use at another time.   The ladies wanted to know if the Bone Carrier (Sheree) was going to check her friend Kim?   I’m thinking  nooooo.

The topic of roaches came up and leave it to some Bravo shade where we  actually see a real live roach at Chateau Sheree.

There was lot to review from the night before, including Shamea’s out of left field question about Eva having an relationship with Missy Elliot.  Eva understand she’s the new girl but why the question?  Shamea’s response was, It’s public knowledge and in this group, everything is on the table. .

Eva is still unsure what to make of the ladies of Atlanta and all the squabbles.

Marlo  seem very negative this trip. as she attacked various housewives.

The last to arrive to breakfast was Nene who said she found a hotel allowing the ladies to escape Ikea Villa’

The bus ride was fun and at one point Cynthia thought she would put her toe in the lady pond by kissing Kandi..    Kandi wasn’t down for some girl action and Porsha volunteered, this kiss was awkward and funny.

The ladies rented Go Karts to drive through the streets of Barcelona.   At one point Porsha crashes into another Go kart blaming the brakes, it couldn’t been her high speed driving.

All is well

At lunch it was round two with Sheree, are you going to talk to Kim?   With all eyes on her she agrees.  Spirits are  were high, the ladies were fine, ah no. Marlo goes in deep and hard or Porsha. Asking if Porsha was going to say something to Kim? “I asked a question, I asked a Question?  Nene was telling Marlo to stop.   But Marlo went dark, talking  about Porsha’s home. I felt your doormat should have been larger. I would never be a messy bitch and take a picture of it.

Nene tried to soften Marlo’s repeated blows  by saying it’s unfortunate that people will talk trash about someone else’s hard-earned home: “Do you know what it takes to buy a $2 million house?” I truly do not!  But it was too late.  Marlo beat Porsha down with Porsha getting emotional because her mom bought  her that doormat when she moved into her house and it’s sentimental to her.

Everyone seems done with Marlo, she won’t stop attacking Porsha.    Finally, Porsha’s snaps, , “Bitch, let me tell you something,” “When you work for something really hard,” she says, “and you get something, and your family is proud of you,”      But Marlo doesn’t give shit , she is talking over Porsha. Porsha has a fan, the fan opens and closes to annoy Marlo at one point Marlo grabs at the fan, Porsha leaps to her feet.  Unlike her famous fight with Kenya  no one is yanked down.

Outside on the streets of Barcelona the two are still at it.  The other ladies were angry and embarrassed.  Marlo pulls out all the stops bringing up the Kandi drugging.  At one point the Police walks by and Marlo quiets down.

Porsha is broken.  Despite all her apologies she feels others have been forgiven but she cant catch a break.  She wants to return to Atlanta.

She meets with Nene to tell her of her plan to leave.  A new mature Nene emerged.  This Nene was empathetic.  She new what if felt like to be attacked, those attacks by members of the cast may be one of the reasons she left the show.  She didn’t argue she listened to Porsha without interruption. Despite their resent issues, Nene is her friend and protector,

We are a family here, Nene tells Porsha “We’re just dysfunctional, honey.”   On the bus, everyone is asking where in Porsha, she tells them, she’ll tell them when they get on.








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