The Real Housewives of Atlanta s10 ep15 “Tyrone and Candles”

Kind words: The women took turns saying positive things about each other

Last nights episode begins on the bus with Nene telling the ladies that  Porsha decided to leave Spain.

The ladies leave the Ikea House for a hotel with room service, where everyone had their own room.

In the comfort of her room Sheree calls her correctional boo, Tyrone.   While in her room, Kandi comes up with an idea of a photoshoot for Sheree, something sexy for Tyrone.

Kandi asks Nene if she has talked to Sheree since the “Elephant in the room” ceremony?

Nene kicks it into hyperdrive .  “I have been married over 20 years, I am very much in love with my husband, okay. I’ve never been out with Tyrone.   “No, I never went out with Tyrone despite what you may have heard,”“Don’t ever ask me about Tyrone, because he is not my friend, his is no my cousin, he is not my neighbor.  Nene thou protest- is a bit too much, Kandi didn’t ask you all dat!

The next morning, we once again we miss the “housewives go wild segment”  with the Marlo twerking to the break of dawn (4am) and paying the price this morning with sore legs.

Shamea, Kandi, Eva and Sheree were the early risers and Shemea wants to revisit the Tyrone incident between Kandi and Nene.  Kandi thought Nene was being too defensive.  Sheree tells us how she met Tyrone. He was putting together an event in Philadelphia that Sheree, Kim, and Nene  were going to be paid to attend.

(Bravo loads up the wayback machine).

The Tyrone, Nene barely knows was front and center of a legendary fight between Sheree and Nene. (“FIX YOUR FACE” FIX YOUR TEETH”)  The fight where Sheree said Nene was trying to take money out of her pocket by saying she (Nene) should make more than Sheree.  (During the fight Sheree called Tyrone to get the truth) Nene didn’t want to talk to Tyrone and insisted that that she didn’t have time to tell Tyrone anything about Sheree’s booking rates:  BECAUSE!! “I was running to the bank, depositing a Trump check.  Sheree said the two of them didn’t speak for four years.

At breakfast with Cynthia, Marlo and Nene .Marlo brings up Sheree.  Nene says Sheree is out for Sheree, she’s not willing to go out on a limb for anybody, especially Kim. Nene said Sheree knew about Kim’s video.

Meanwhile, while the ladies were in town, there were major protests for Catalan independence

On the bus on route to the flea market. There was more talk about Kandi’s sexual talents with  Cynthia, licking her lips who jokingly said, that she would love to be with Kandi because she wouldn’t have to work.   Todd, be scared.

Cynthia is planning a positive day at the coast.   Everything is going to be love, light, and spiritual. On the bus ride, she says that everyone has to be positive and share something positive. _

At the beach Cynthia gives all the ladies a candle. At the bottom of the candle is a name, and everyone was to say something nice about the person.   All was going well until we get to Eva, who’s candle has Shamea name on it.  Eva started off with, “I did not appreciate the shade, I think it’s wack and sad and tired and childish.”  after saying that she seemed to want a reboot and it ended with a hug between the two ladies.   Cynthia made sure to include a candle for Porsha.   Good Episode.




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