Your dinner is trying to escape

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It was one of my friends favorite Chinese restaurants.  You must try it!  he said,  “Hands down it beats any Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

Due to an accident, it took an extra half an hour to get downtown.   I was starving.  After being seated, I left to go to the restroom.

Upon my return, I could see behind a picture hanging on the wall.  Behind the picture were a few critters of the insect variety.  Panicked , I didn’t embarrass the host or wreck the evening for everyone, but one thing was clear,  I wasn’t eating.


I can’t be the only one in the entire world who has seen those crawling creatures.   My mind went into overdrive as the waitress was taking orders.  Maybe its my overactive imagination.   So, I clumsily excused myself and returned to restroom.   Slowly looking behind the picture.  Yep, they ARE back there and its Quite the Village.     Ain’t no way I’m eating….

Returning to the table (yes, I looked again) some of my tablemates asked if everything was okay?  I told them, it was my nervous stomach.   Then went and ordered Fried Won Tons.    Fried foods calms your stomach? someone asks.      Yes, I said.

The food was coming out.  It was quite the production, giant platters and bowls of steaming hot food.   Hey’ there is a lot of food so feel free, its really good.

I thoroughly inspected my won ton, looking closely for body parts.  Cleared, the won ton was good.

The food, looked and smelled good.  There were many mmmmmmm’s .   I was weakening, the fat man on a won ton diet?  Bullshit.    I asked for some rice and my mainstay, orange chicken.   “That’s all you want? there is plenty”, someone said.    I was looking around to see if I could see something that didn’t belong.  What I wanted to do is  sift through the food.  Well, can’t do that.

Just as I was about to get a scoop of the beef broccoli. Someone said, I think something is alive on your plate, and its trying to escape.

While I would have been a bit more discreet.  She wasn’t , I think people could hear her in East Sacramento.   I am soo happy she did.   My Won Ton was great, Thank you!





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  1. Omg this same thing happened to me when I recommended a Chinese restaurant to 2 friends and we went out. Very well known for their food one of those critters was walking on our booth. We quietly and respectfully let the owner know. He apologized. And gave us 50 percent off our bill . the food is delicious and so we did stay and ate a few bites. Took the rest home and threw it away. Let’s face it though . Most of our favorite places have them you were just fortunate to be warned.


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