The Real Housewives of RHOA s10 Ep17 “ReMarcable”


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Seventeen episodes down and one to go before the Reunion.   Yes Andy and company will attempt to stretch three hours  out of this lackluster season.

Last night, we got a little personal time with some of the housewives.

We find Porsha roller skating with Ricky Smiley.  She is taking a break from rehearsals  for an upcoming play.  At the skating rink, he asks her what she wants from life.  She says she wants a baby, but her life is too busy right now and she doesn’t want to slow down.  Ricky Smiley flirts with her………mooooving on.

We find a super busy and super important Cynthia (“block off ALL these dates”) at her modeling agency.  (can’t you see my eyes rolling)   Kenya stops by and we learn her husband is unable to pick out his clothes, or book his plane tickets without her.   Poor thang, before Kenya he wore a sheet and walked around New York.   The ladies catch up on all the gossip including Nene’s misstep.

My favorite segment of the night was seeing Cynthia and her daughter Noelle at the Dentist where she has an internship.   She has always had a passion about dentistry and  wants to help people.  Cynthia was quite the proud mama.

Lets be clear.  Kandi Burress Tucker, knows how to make a dollar.   Google is building an office down the street from Kandi’s offices and Kandi has bought a dump across the street.  She hasn’t decided if its going to be a smoothie shop or an apartment building, she wants to be in the mix.

Kandi, meets with Todd and Don Juan over the Nene controversy.    Kandi is thinking with her heart.  Todd says it was just a joke, the President says things about pussy’s.  Only Don Juan is using common sense.  Nene messed up “Big Time” its business and you have to think about it from a business perspective.

Over at the Leakes compound, Nene better watch herself.  Her son Brentt is bubbling over with charisma.   Her Teddy Bear of a son wants to be a comedian.  Nene wants to mentor him.    Ah,,,,,,,,,,,,The Computer Says NO!

At Chateau Sheree, we find Sheree talking to her interior designer.  He tells her everything is going to take longer than anticipated.  Sheree gets a call from Tyrone, she tells him the basement is going to be his man cave.  Prison Chic    Sheree’s daughter is home from college and Sheree tell her things are getting serious with Tyrone.   Her daughter reacted like the rest us.    Why, with all the available men with good paying jobs why would she choose a man in prison.   Sheree is somewhat delusional. She tells freinds and family partical truths. I don’t remember Sheree telling anyone she plans to marry Tyrone.  She certinly didnt tell her daughter that she wants a destination wedding. Perhaps, that’s what she meant when she told her”serious”  At the end of Sheree’s rainbow is a family will resemble the Brady Bunch.

The Reveal and the Shady Shade a

Kenya introduces her PSA about abuse.   Everyone was there including a man who was not only able to dress himself, he was also able to purchase his own Airline Ticket, Marc Daly, Kenya hubby.


The couple make their first Atlanta rounds.   Its clear he is out of his element.  He tells everyone how proud he is of his wife.   Cynthia hugs him a gillion times and Sheree meets him and immediately asks him about his nose ring because she was thinking of getting on herself.    In her confessional, she said the last person she saw with a nose ring was Tupac  (shade)

We get a little Bravo shade. After Nene said something nice about the couple.  When we hear a producer say  “Do they appear to be truly in love?”   “Kenya appears to be truly in love”  Nene replies






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