The Real Housewives of New York s10 ep1 A Home is still A Home unless its on Montauk Highway

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Disagreements, the Countess in black face, dog pee in HD and this is the first episode of the season.   Does this mean Bravo’s season 10 curse ends in New York?

Bravo’s older franchises Orange County and in Atlanta are in desperate need of retooling.  New and fresh faces.    Bravo through everything at Atlanta. Bringing Kim and Nene back, and having three friends.  The result was zero.   Its still the number uno franchise but its rating are slipping.

New York isn’t as popular as Atlanta or New Jersey, but in the last few years its been the best of all the US Housewives franchises. (Yes, the real Housewives is global)    Smart and funny, its has its drama and its share of confrontations.  However, unlike most of the housewives (Atlanta, New Jersey , Potomac and Beverly Hills) the issues are resolved and not dragged out for an entire season.

Last night, they brought us up to date with the ladies.   Tinsley $$$$$ has moved out of Sonja townhouse of wayward housewives into a hotel.  She doesn’t cook and cleaning? Who does that?   She has a little dog and we get to see the pee before someone from the hotel clean it up.    Distance, ended her whirlwind romance with Scott.       Mooving on.

Carole is working out and preparing the run a marathon.  She  and Adam are over.  How so nevah the friendship is on, he brings her coffee every day and every now in then they have sex. How Modern!

Sexy Sonja, has taken time off to take care of herself.  She got on anti-depressants but didn’t like the way they made her feel .  She and young “Frencny” have parted ways and she seem to have hitched her cart to the ever patient Rocco.

Ramona, is still in the middle her life renovations, single,sixty and dating .

Dorinda is Dorinda. She’s planning a costume party and plans to be Lady Gaga. She orders a copy of Gaga’s famous bubble dress online, and discovers its more of a bubble kit. Fortunately, this is New York  she knew someone at Saturday Night Lives costume department who agrees to assemble the dress for her.

Luann could very well have as news crew following her.  Her life post Tom,has keep the gossip rags lights burning at night.  Tom was the cad everyone thought he was and  I’m sure the people at Bravo are seething!     First, they weren’t allowed to film the controversial and then the Countess divorced Tom after the reunion.  It sounds like the ladies reached out to her after the divorce, everyone except Carole and she’s pissed about that!  Right now she is Manhattan Homeless and has to find a new place on the Isle.  Not sure if she is returning to Sonja Townhouse of Wayward Housewives.  She thinks Sonja has been talking to the press about her life.   So I’m gonna guess no.

We have to bow down to Bethenny, who walked the walk.  Instead of sitting on her stacks of cash and watching  the devastation in Houston and Puerto Rico.   She got involved and made a difference.     She was one of the first responders in Puerto Rico, she found away around the red tape, and she didn’t just write a check.  She went with the plane and helped distribute the supplies. Bethenny found others to physically and financially help her, while the government was printing forms.   She got the supplies to the desperate Americans who needed assistance.   Tinsley donated 10 grand and Ramona donated 3 grand.

“If you want DRAMA throw a party”

Drink?  Dorinda as Lady Gaga is pissed at Sonja who came as Lucy with Rocco. She didn’t didn’t make the rounds and chatted with the other women and worse, didn’t greet our Bubbled hostess, which pissed Dorinda off.    Yeah, Sonja was rude and if she didn’t hear Dorinda mention it she had to feel the spray from Dorinda.  Everyone knows to bring an umbrella when Dorinda’s drunk.

.LuAnn comes in as Diana Ross, with an oversized afro and was sprayed in blackface.  The party was the PERFECT place to air her differences with Carole.

Carole, who was dressed like an aviator.

Lets be clear, our Ramona is a snob.  If its ins’t in the right neighborhood, isn’t trendy, it isn’t for her.   One of things that work for the #RHONY ladies.  Most have known each other for ten years or longer. So even a drunk Bethenny ,should know better.  But this is reality TV and they are drunk.

Most of us know Bethenny from the early seasons when she was living by her fingernails trying to get her business off the ground .   She had gone from the poorest New York housewife to the wealthiest.  Mazel Tov !

With her wealth has made her superior to the other ladies to the point of being obnoxious.

She has bought a place in the Hampton’s.  On Montauk Highway.  Ramona has a place in the Hamptons and Montauk isn’t a place she’d want to live.  She and Bethenny have a stupid ass pissing match about the address.   Ramona like Bethenny is an alpha female t. and she is NOT backing down.  When Ramona says, “I know about real estate,” Bethenny comes back ,, “You have an apartment and a house in the Hamptons. I have five properties.” Ramona doesn’t have Bethennys stacks, but she has had money longer.   Bethenny goes deeper  To make her point. “When you start being successful at something, call me.”

Ramona is a bad azz bitch !   She has started several businesses.  Seeing what her mother went through, she wanted her own money.!   No man was going to tell her what to do and control her !    After the love of her life cheated on her and they divorced.    Ramona, was/is broken but when it came to her funds,she  came out on top.  She is not only renovating the East side apartment she shared with her hubby of more than 20 years, she renovated her Hamptons home and the sixty year old is dating..   Put Ramona in a corner and she will punch low and hard.    Leaving Bethenny playing the victim   ON the cruelness level ,they are about even.    This was stupid….   Everyone return to your homes where ever the location.

From the clips, this season looks good and maybe just maybe it will break Bravo’ Season 10 curse.



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