The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep2 “Running Yo Mouth”

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What are we 12?   Were into the second episode and the cauldrons are stirring..  It looks like Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires will be spared this season.  Ramona will have to destroy her own home this year.    All the shit is gonna take place in the Hamptons. The only question is, who’s home?

This is the second season for Tinsley and she is more confident and possibly more irritating.  Last night we find her having dinner with Luann.  Tinsely wasn’t taking men advise for the freshly divorced Luann.  It was like bitch please!  NO ONE IS TAKING ADVISE FROM YOU! YO EX HAS DONE EVERYONE IN MANHATTAN AND MOVING ON TO STATEN ISLAND.   Now after all that, Tinsley could have played nice, but nooo.   She called Luann on still calling herself the Countess.   Well, Queen Latifah calls herself a Queen! said, Luann (the former Countess)  

Later on we see Luann and Sonja together and the two bond over their hatred to Tinsley.  Like Luann, Tinsley once lived in Sonja’s Townhouse on the east side.  Unlike Luann, Sonja believed Tinsley wasn’t appreciative.

Sonja, isn’t done, she is now with Dorinda trashing Tinsley. Sonja claimed that Tinsley was a woman who moved to the city to have a man pay for everything for her and even went as far as claiming that Tinsley never paid for the gift card she gave her.

Bethenny has bought a new apartment and marveling at the renovations.  Ramona is still irritated with Bethenny over the location of a house she bought in the Hamptons.

Most of the episode is centered around Carole, who at 54 is running the New York Marathon for the first time.  Carole said she was more scared running the Marathon then she was when she covered the was in the Middle East for ABC News.   “Going over to Afghanistan, I felt exhilarated, excited. Now, standing at the start line is probably the scariest place I’ve ever been.”“It’s very different than other challenges I’ve had in my life. There’s no support. This is all on me,”    This was all very touching.

Next week, it may be Tinsley, vs Luann and Sonja and Bethenny vs Ramona and Bethenny and Carole might mix it up. All in the lovely posh Hamptons.

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