The Real Housewives of New York City S10 Ep3 “Til brunch do we part”

If last night episode is indicator of the rest of the season.     I’m all in!  I like my reality  mixed with little a drama, fun and laughter.   Much like last year,

Its a weekend in De Hampton’s and our girl Sonja is taking the bus.  She calls it the Jitney, for the rest of us its the BUS.    There she is, the owner of an multi million dollar East Side Townhouse, with her Louis Vuittian bags being loaded on the Jitney.   Now why Sonja is taking the bus (I mean Jitney) isn’t clear?   Dorinda had room in her big SUV, and others had transportation…..anyway!

Perhaps its her gums….her gums have been flappin and Dorinda, Tinsely, Carole and even her bestie, Ramona are not amused.

Sonja told Dorinda that Tinsely is basically a kept woman, as she never pays for anything.  Sonja has been stabbing Carole and Dorinda through her words which ends with a smile, they call her Nice Nasty.   She and Bethenny are cool for now, so her only ally is Luann.

Meanwhile, Bethenny who is in real estate heaven is miffed with Carole.   Carole and Tinsely friendship has blossomed and the two are not staying with anyone in Hamptons’s  they are staying at a hotel.

Sonja is staying with Luann.   No one would evah call Sonja a perfect house guest.  Last year she rummaged through Dorinda’s things and put on brand new pajamas that her late husband bought for her.    This year, she arrives with two dogs, including one that was dyed. True to form, she goes through Luann’s shoes and takes out a random pair of slippers. From Luann’s expression these may have been her favorite comfy house slippers.

Ramona’s new single life continues with a new Maserati, she is renovating her East Side Condo and her large home in the Hampton’s.    The thing that kills me with Ramona is she is upper east side without the help  She treats everyone as her servants including an Artist who she is clearly using.   She wants his artwork on her walls before she buys.   Hey, this is just for this weekend.   The artist and his friend are unloading her car and moving furniture for her.

Sonja’s delivery has never been good and the ladies have long giving her a pass.  However, some of her words has ended up in the press and that pass has been revoked.

At a brunch at  Luann’s house,  Sonja pissed Ramona off, after she said  Ramona “loves them hard and leaves them easy.”   What I think she meant to say, was Ramona flirts with men to get something out of them.  This is true!   Like the artist and his friend unloading her car and moving furniture.   Either version was going to piss Ramona off and it did.

Well shit, if Ramona is going off on Sonja, Dorinda wants a turn.  When attacked, Sonja sometime goes into victim mode.   She was sued, her divorce, her daughter going off the school.   Dorinda tells her to live in present, like bitch, we’ve all heard this before!   Dorinda says hey, I had a husband that died. Then Sonja, compares her life to Dorinda’s and her dead husband and well ,the Gangster (lady M) came out and Dorinda went low and deep, saying Sonja’s husband left her cause Sonja was sleeping around the South of France.

Tom and the Receipts

Its Bethenny’s birthday.  Luann (without Autotune) sings Happy Birthday(her breathy  Marilyn Monroe rendition)

Bethenny and Luann has come far.  On this night its fun and laughs.   The the world slowly stops when Luann says “You were fucking right,” about Tom.  Luann tells her how hard it was for her to move on and admit that she was wrong.  Then she opens up, to rest of the ladies about Tom, its a good night.

Not completely, Sonja had a bone to pick, Carole.  Sonja, sent Carole a congratulatory text for finishing the marathon and said she only received a “thxs” from Carole.    Luann said she did get a “Thank You”   Bethenny said she called Carole several times and didn’t get a response at all.   Carole said no, and  they both take out their phones to show the receipts.

Carole and Tinsley personalities are similar, no one would call them timid but they aren’t Ramona and Bethenny’s A plus alpha women.  Bethenny and Carole are still tense during the morning brunch .Carole and Tinsley arrive and the two are in super chat mode.  Beth is clearly annoyed, while the two are immersed in conversation , Bethenny is on the outside.  Has Bethenny been replaced?  She and Carole were once very close.  But things have been tense between the two. .Bethenny can be hyper aggressive and perhaps Carole is over it.

 As Bethenny says, Carole likes someone who can be around all the time, and with her businesses and child, Bethenny hardly is that person.  This could get ugly and I can’t wait!

(the fight continues next week)


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