The Real Housewives of New York City S10 ep 9 “Is Ramona a friend to Sonja?”

Face to face: The reality stars put their hands next to their mouths as they yelled at each other

Episode nine is the calm after several good storms.   The eye of the storms Sonja Morgan, is a still recovering.   Half the ladies are pissed at her.  Ramona her partner in crime, has hurt her the deepest . While I wouldn’t want anyone to lie for me, I would want my bestie to have my back and Ramona has abandoned her.

Ramona, the apologizer, (who apologizes and doesn’t mean it ) wants Sonja to apologize to Dorinda.  But Sonja isn’t feeling it.  Yes, she was wrong to compare her Divorce to Dorinda being a widow..  But Dorinda has dragged her up and down the street the last two seasons and humiliated her.  Any apology from Sonja isn’t likely to come her way.

Dorinda Medley is a bonafide upper east side gangsta (Lady M) , the only one who might be able to take her down is Bethenny, but there would be a lot of blood. 

The episode begins with at Bethenny’s new and unfinished apartment. For those of us who started watching the show ten years ago, remember the old struggling Bethenny living pay check to pay check, begging shoppers to sample her Skinny Girl products.  This Bethenny sold her old new apartment for over Five million dollars and has moved on to a large place.

Sonja is her first guest . The two review the bad blood between Sonja and a few of the ladies.  What we learn Sonja has a hard time expressing herself, she tend to blend old news with current news diluting the issue.  Sonja is fragile.  She is also delusional ,perhaps attempting to make herself more important then she is.  She is a free spirit,  down for anything and the first NYC housewife I would want to hang with.

Through Bethenny, we learn why Sonja is mad at Tinsely.

Tinsley lived with Sonja free of charged, she didn’t pay rent and she didn’t like the living arrangements and talked a lot of shit about Sonja and her house.  She goes on Instagram, telling the world she donated 10 grand to Bethenny’s charity.  If she had all that money and didn’t like where she was living ,why didn’t she just move?   Good Point Ms Morgan

Sonja, despite her real estate, is poorest of the housewives, so the money is a slap in the face.  But Bethenny didn’t pull any punches when she told Sonja not to talk about Tinsley’s money and where it came from.   Bethenny advised Sonja to keep responses short to stay on message . Like Twitter limited her responses to 144 characters.

Last season Carole seemed to want to move on with Adam.  She loves him, but had no aspirations about a long term relationship turning into marriage.  The two are good friends and spend time together.   This is totally foreign to Tinsley. She’s a romantic and wants to be in a relationship with the ultimate goal, marriage.     Tinsley relationship with Scott has hit a bump.  Distance.   He is based in Chicago.  Tinsley still has the flowers he gave her when they broke up.

Scott surprises Tinsley, and next thing we know he’s talking to her mother and being invited to Christmas in Florida .   A reconciliation may be in the works.  Tinsley asks if they are back together so she can throw the old flowers in the trash.   ???? Just how long was she going to keep those flowers?    Is there some Grey Gardens here?   Scott, bro? you may be in danger!

Carole and Luann hash out their differences, not much to see here.  Moving on.

Ramona is having a Christmas Shopping Party at Bendel’s.  All the ladies are invited including Sonja.   Ramona also invites “Missy”  Luann’s hus-band ex girlfriend.  Ramona is super messy, just squealing and hugging Missy.   Everyone is uncomfortable except Ramona.

If Luann was pissed, she held it well and spoke to Missy.  Tom played on her too and two two of them had a brief bond.

My favorite part of the night.  Missy, introduces Luann to Richard a friend of hers. Richard is clearly into the former countess and wants to take Luann out.   YESSS!

However, Dorinda trying to be funny.  Fucked it up by telling Richard, she and Luann used to be lovers.

Sonja still very hurt and she a Ramona had a huge blow out.  Sonja didn’t take Bethenny’s advice and the two started speaking a new language.   Sonja started venting with strangers.

Bethenny Frankle is the Mega-Housewife. Last season anytime we saw her, we saw her Skinny Girl products.   Last night,  she introduced Skinny Girls(horns please) Jeans.

See ya next week

???????  Of the friendships which one do you think will mend.  Bethenny and Carole or Ramona and Sonja’s