Woman calls for KFC just so delivery driver can help get rid of spider

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Demi Sweeney hates Spiders she’s all alone and there is a spider outside her room. Demi is hungry and Loves KFC!  Whats a girl spose to do?

Poole England

Demi Sweeney, a 22-year-old criminology student at Bournemouth University, spotted a huge spider outside her room last week.

Demi told BuzzFeed that she woke up to an empty house at around 10am.

She said she felt trapped in her room as the spider might drop onto her if she passed by.

As all of her housemates were away, she messaged friends and family for help. One suggested ordering food on Deliveroo and asking the delivery driver to sort the situation out.


Demi said she checked with Deliveroo first to see if drivers are allowed in customers’ homes. They are.

She decided to get KFC (and accidentally ordered two meals) and added a note on her order: “I have spoken to Deliveroo customer service, please can you help to remove a spider for me”.

Twenty minutes later, her fried chicken arrived and Demi ran downstairs to her savior.

Unfortunately, the driver, who had seen her request, was also scared of spiders, so Demi had to beg.

“He asked how big it was and said he would give it a go, asking where it was,” she said. Demi got him loo roll and a chair to stand on as equipment.

Demi added there was a moment of panic when the spider dropped onto the floor and started running away, but it was eventually captured by the heroic driver.

The driver flushed the spider down the toilet, which left Demi too afraid to sit on it for much of the day.

“I thanked him around 50 times, he kept saying this is so funny whilst laughing,” Demi said.

“I wanted to hug him. A real life hero.”