The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep15 “Bethenny Breakdown”

'It's the worst feeling, your throat gets itchy, you feel like you're going to throw up,' she explained in a confessional. 'It's like a poison inside you' 


Its vacation time….  Colombia!  We see the ladies preparing for the trip.  As Bethenny is preparing to leave, we learn this is the last time she’ll be in her condo, she will be returning to a new home.

Ramona dragging her foot as she walks into a pharmacy.   It seems she just returned from vacation (what a life right?) in Morocco and fell down a flight of stairs.

Tinsley arranged this trip, and must have watched other episodes and in her own way she brought Ramona down a few pegs.    Through the years we have watched Ramona throw tantrums on vacationa demanding the best room in the house.   Tinsley, bought everyone a Tiffany Box with a nice ribbon.    As the ladies toured the house, they opened a box and in the box was a necklace with a housewife’s initial AND whoever initial was in the room got that room.   This was a lot of work…BUT it worked!  Ramona was fine, even with a room with two double beds.

All about Ramona

I’m not a wealthy person so perhaps I don’t understand the needs of wealth on vacation.  Ramona is VERY demanding on vacations.  She utterly helpless and rude to the staff.  She insists “The Help” unpack her thing and put them away, because she is helpless or too stressed after traveling.  I so appreciated the gentleman who helped Ramona to her room with her bags.   I’m not sure he understands English, as Ramona unpacked and asked the man to hang up her clothes, he left the room .  Shocking!   I friggin loved it.   It was like yeah Bitch, exit stage right!    She later was proud of herself for putting her things away.

Ramona wasn’t done!  She went into the kitchen, being all phony, talking about how she “loves to learn new recipes”  Instead of learning, she was insisting that there be no butter in anything they make for her.     Gurl go sit yo ass down somewhere!

Despite Ramona’s foot injury.  You know the one where she was dragging her feet and could barely walk.    Well on this trip, she didn’t pack flats.   While the girls were talking she took the elevator to get a pair of flats and got stuck.  No one heard her.


Scott and Tinsley Sitting in a Tree

Scott is wooing his boo.   The two have been together for a year now.   Not only did he fly out a glam squad for all her makeup needs.    He sent a giant wreath filled with 365 roses for their one year anniversary with their initials in the center.  It was grotesque, there was nothing romantic about it.   Bethenny was spot on, when she said it looked like a funeral wreath.

Brian, with the Red Scarf

This is Bravo’s Vacation, all Housewives on deck .   On this trip , if  there was someone who should have stayed at home, it was Bethenny.  She is going through it. At lunch, her first bite of food had fish in it. Bethenny is allergic to fish and returned to her room where she spent time lying on the bathroom floor throwing up .    Skinnygirl is going through it.  I will expand on it futher down.

After seeing him at the Speed Dating event,  Bethenny tells Luann and Sonja that  Brian had been texting her non-stop.   Throwing shade at Ramona, she said he wasn’t interested in her.

Image result for wrench

At dinner, with all the women present.  Carole starts talking about her date with Brian. (You guys, may have to remind me.  I didn’t think Carole was taking part in the Speed Dating thing)   Carole, throwing dirty shade said not only did they have a three hour date, he is not interested in Bethenny!

Of course this went south……….

This was just another log on the fire.

Carole was just being nasty.   What started out as hurt and a bit of Jealousy on Bethenny’s end has turned into and out of control fire storm with both women lashing out.   Bethenny:  “You’re acting like you won a prize and he’s just a consolation prize”

What they are both missing.  Red Scarf Brian is probably a troll and perhaps thirsty to be on the show.  I’m sure the other men, didn’t miss the cameras.  Red Scarf clearly spent a lot of time talking to Bethenny and to later trash her, come on Carole your better than that right?    All three women are very intelligent only Ramona had the sense to move on

Dorinda is a messenger, if she hears something she passes it on.   Is she a messy shit stirrer? yes…   As I said earlier, Bethenny is in a mood.   She tells Dorinda, that she thinks the house is junky.  She is thinking of going to a hotel.   So Dorinda tells Tinsley….BOOM!


This was a mandatory trip.  Bethenny should have stayed home.   Her place was sold and while she is in Colombia, her belonging are being packed up without her and moved to her new home.  The year long restraining order on her deranged ex-husband is lifting soon.  The custody battle with her ex is looming and she has lost her way with Carole, a person who she was really close to and wants back.

The next day, we can see her overwhelmed with the weight she carries.   Intelligent, Bethenny sometimes have difficulty expressing herself.  When Luann, (looking good in her blonde wig. Channeling Sofia Vergara )the person she is currently closes to,New do: Luann said she was 'vibing Sofía Vergara' in her blonde wig and red lipstick at dinner 

tries to find out what’s going on with her, at a time she really needs a friend. Bethenny  throws her out of the room and tells her she can’t have more people around and tells her,I’m no stranger to panic attacks. When Bethenny snaps, the other women don’t know what to do.  She wears a shield and its difficult to comfort someone wearing a shield.

Bethenny, is the person who rarely asks for help, she hates being vulnerable.  Its difficult for her to trust.  People she has trusted has turned on her.   Her mom is a terror.  She has sold stories about her daughter, with whom she has no relationship.  Her ex, who has said, he is going to destroy her.

 I believe her relationship with Carole may have been solved by saying I miss you, and I miss us.    But not today and quite possibly never.