The Real White House (Part 719) DT: Omarosa is a Dog!

Viewers of this reality show knows when this star gets scared.  He lashes out on twitter.

   Did PDT, call black employees working on The Apprentice set,niggers?


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Is there tape? has he used nigger before?    Sarah Sanders, wouldn’t go there today!  She said she could’t guarantee PDT has ever used the word.   She didn’t say HELL NO! ” The Prez ani’t never evah! evah! evah! called nobody a nigger!”   Noooo, she wasn’t gonna tell that lie, TODAY!


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We feel you Kandi Burress Tucker!

On your basic reality show you get a sense of who the liers are?      “Omarosa’s credibility doesn’t exist.     But in THIS White House she’s safe, because who tells the truth in this White House?  Who  would you ask?  Sarah Sanders,  Kelly Ann Conway? how bout Sean Spicer?

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Hell’s waiting room is full, today you need a ticket, just to get in line!

Omarosa, knows PDT.    She knows where all of his buttons are.

Its as,if she has written the script and the players were perfect  on point, especially PDT.

She told NBC, she spoke to Robert Muller,

“Think about it “

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Her book was officially released today!

“And She Got him”

Today, as people are standing in line to Vote in four states.

 NO news show is talking about elections. They are talking about

“Omarosa Manigault Newman “

and how PDT has insulted yet another woman!   Attacked another Black Person!

Give Omarosa a standing ovation !

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Because today, on Election Day ,they day her book came out she caused PDT to become……

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Well Played!!!




  1. DEMS still playing blacks to stay with them by doing again the campaign to keep blacks on the DEM train. Do you think its an accident that Black votes up to 19-36 then BAM the book? See DEMS saw this too, and they can’t have you all leaving them. After all, they treat you all so well-NOT! focusing on illegals, hurts blacks, ignoring Chicago, hurts blacks, Obama’s home town, he put worst Mayer in history there! Clinton USED THE N word religiously, Trump did NOT! He’s been awarded by blacks, and only called racist when they feared you all would find out he has been better for black communities then any DEM! Clinton’s idol Margaret Sanger-She is the founder of Planned Parenthood, that targeted your neighborhoods. She is on video calling black babies WEEDS. So basically you all are celebrating the DEMS success in keeping you down and eradicating your people. Seems like Kayne West & Candice Owens are smart to have found them out. Wake Up and realize they are not your friends! EVERY state ran by a DEM is in chaos!!


  2. #DeathofANation & Hillary’s America should be mandatory movies for all people, but as I watched this, a white woman, I was extra furious of the Hillary’s America movie. Wait until you see how they planned to incarcerate blacks, then get their votes at the same time. I was STEAMING but wanted all my black friends to watch it so they could see what has been done, and factually both movies have ZERO attacks for anything in it being untrue. Its all true and fact based, both amazing movies. Just saying..


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