Is this thing on? “He’s Asian trapped in an White Body”


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The majority of the population in Hawaii is Asian.   For a brief moment,  Congressman Ed Case of Hawaii lost his mind when he said he was an “Asian trapped in a white body.”  to the Asian and Pacific Islander members of the new Congress. 

These tibets are not uncommon when some individuals are not totally comfortable the being a minority in a setting.


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Through the years, some Caucasian men has randomly said to me “Some people think I’m black, you know how I walk, talk, when I tan, I’m really dark”   

A co-worker many years ago said, that there are white niggers? 


In our super quick zero to 

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rush to judgement world!

I don’t believe that the congressman or any of these people that I described are RACIST’S.


It is something learned over time.  When you are exposed (socialize outside the work place ) you’ll soon realize we are the same.  Overtime you’ll become more comfortable with others from different culture’s and backgrounds.


Ed Case, is mega embarrassed over his comments. like other el stupido comments when we learn better we do better.


For now, I hope he’s okay being white.