All This and A Bag of Chips

He was the first person in his family to complete college. A natural salesman he has sold everything from nuts to cars.  He married his girlfriend from college and they have three children. He and his wife are well respected in their community as they enthusiastically volunteer in their church and local schools.  He and his family lives in the most desirable neighborhood in their city and his annual income is more than double the average in his community.  He is highly regarded and considered the top salesperson at his firm.

On a business trip where he was finalizing an important contract for his employer.  He was seen on a hotel camera taking a small bag of Sun Chips. He placed them inside a folded copy of a USA Today while in the hotels snack shop and exited the hotel.   The theft may have gone unnoticed if the daughter of the client who works at the hotel,  hadn’t recognized him from a meeting at her parents home.   The daughter made a copy of the theft of the chips for her father, who forwarded the thumb drive to his employer.