Go ask Ma and Pa Canington they know the way


Sometime in the 70’s or 80’s someone said “If you don’t use it you lose it”   With the advent of digital and cell phones.  Few of us can memorize phone numbers.  If someone said to me, gimmie your oldest child’s telephone number or ill kill you . That would be the day I would meet Jesus face to face.   “He wouldn’t let me phone a friend”

My mind was once more powerful than an early Packard Bell Computer.  I could readily recall telephone numbers, address and birthdays.  But that was before my Motorola flip phone. Image result for motorola flip phone 1995. Before the flip phone, the early cell phones were giant bricks.  The Motorola could nearly fit in your pocket.  But with this phone, I could transfer the numbers on my human hard drive to the Motorola.  Who needs to remember Aun’t Bertha’s number, its in my phone.   I didn’t need that part of my brain.

Today we are total slaves to our cell phone.   Some of us are so addicted we cant put them down.  They talk to us, advise us, and show us the way.

A short time ago, I attempted to give a twenty one year old directions.   It was fairly simple,  J street (which is a one way street)  Turn right on Alhambra  and you will see the Bank of America, its across the street from Safeway and Del Taco.    “I’m terrible with directions he screamed”-I need the address! I need the address!  I didn’t know the address I replied.  Oh my God!  He screamed   You don’t know the address?   Oh my God!  Drama on overload.  He was one more “Oh my God” from being left!    He found the bank on his phone.  Is there two on Alhambra?  I don’t know, I said…   “Oh my God” he sighed, I’ll find it!

OMG, I thought to myself.  What the fuck would he do if he didn’t have his phone?  He so relies on his phone, that he will not consider anything else.   I’m a baby boomer, I grew up with AAA and maps.   I also remember directions from Ma and Pa Canington.  You drive down a ways until you see this blue building with white steps, that’s where you turn right.  Then you get in the left lane, when you see Joe’s Locksmith, its a small white building you turn left.  Then you go down a bit until you see a house with a big sunflower in front and your there.

Computer and smart phones are too complicated for the Canington’s.  They rely on old school maps, exit numbers and memory.  (buildings and other landmarks)  They are not dependent on batteries, and GPS signals and well into their eighties they are sharper than any twenty-something.  They actual read and believe signs that say the bridge is out.  They may not have the reflexes of a 21 year old and drive below the speed limit., but its the car I want to be in.