Monsters cry 2

He stands six feet six. He weighs three hundred sixty pounds. In his mid twenties he graduates from college later this spring with a master’s in business. He is the first person in his family to go to college.

He took a job as a night auditor at a hotel because he lives with his large family where studying is impossible.

A gentle giant. He is very aware of his size and the power that comes with being a big man.

We met via phone after a particularly bad shift. His boss was at the hotel when he arrived. He received a warning because of the complaints from male guests of the hotel. I used to work with his colleague many years ago and she suggested he call me.

I’m 6.4 and weight 370.

Men our size are very intimidating. Especially to men. If you a person of color, it adds another level of intimidation.

You can often tell how intimidated they are by the second word. “Hey Boss” “Hey Chief” Boss man, coach.

The complaints are rarely direct

Often ,Were considered rude because they were afraid to ask, or question

Women may be initially intimidated but it rapidly fades. Usually after a smile from the monster. Then we remind them of a friend or family member.

We spoke on the phone for two hours. I have older children and decades of experience. We shared are feelings and how were perceived. Despite are size were just normal guys. We don’t want people to fear us.

I Suggested he keep a diary. But it’s challenging at times, one never know.

His aunt says he needs to soften his face so white people won’t be so scared of him.

He sent a picture and when he smiles he looks like he’s twelve years old

This morning the monster cried. He texted me from his car saying he’d had enough. He walked off the job.

“Its too much,I’m nice to everybody. Sometimes People look at you and think your hard, I’ve never been that. “I just wanted to thank you for talking to me cause you know” “I may call you, I don’t know bye.”