Old People Should be banned from Facebook

I have a theory, Facebook decimated the country with people over 40 going on Facebook.   When Facebook was just being used by College Students it was fun, cool.   It was old people is how we got Trump.  With them sitting on Facebook all day, spreading fake news, saying Muslims are trying to take over the country.   There should be an age requirement on Social Media or they (older people) should have there own Social Security channel.   Tommy Alter (27) on “Alter Family Politics Sirus Xm

Like Tommy’s  parents, I’m a baby boomer and while his delivery was a bit rough last Thursday (he’s 27,28) There was some truth in his statement.   The ages of my Facebook friends range from 15, to 84.    Occasionally I’ll get a funny or music clip from my younger friends.  However, all the dire warnings, outdated or fake news are exclusively from my baby boomer friends and family.    It’s not the 18 year old’s sending DM’s shouting “Lets make this go viral” or “Share this before they take it down” its the sixty and seventy somethings.  Often without reading the content.

Many younger people aren’t invested in the news as their parents and grandparents.   I know people who watch their favorite cable news channel several hours every day. Perhaps its a need for attention, being first or news worthy.  I’m not sure why the fake or dated news is propagated by older american’s.   Boomers lived in an age were there were three networks.  No one I knew questioned Cronkite, or Huntley and Brinkley or Peter Jennings.  So I imagine for some, if its in print, it must be true.

After showing a family member how to check the validity of a story, they continued to distribute the stories to every one except me. (Score)

I’m on all social media to promote this blog.  Every now and then I’m duped by something that seems official.  ( I avoid everything Radar Online)  If it a domestic story, I check the sources   Moo-ving on

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The Alter’s L2R  Emily, Jonathan, Tommy, Molly,Charlotte (google pic) 

Alter Family Politics is an weekly hour long political show on Sirius XM.  Hosted by four members of the Alter Family.  Emily (mom) is a TV Producer, so is her son Tommy.  Charlotte is a writer for Time and Jonathan(dad) is an accomplished Author, Journalist, Producer and former radio host and then there is Molly who isn’t in the business.  WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN:  The left leaning show isn’t like most cable news or radio shows were there is either left or right.  The show equally accessible to both sides, the host encourage callers from the left to participate and unlike most other shows and Other side isn’t destroyed or questioned  if they support the President.  Millennial vs the Baby Boomers is like being at the dinner table.  This family is respectful to each other, and the callers and that translate to a quick hour.  WHERE CAN I FIND THE SHOW?  Thursdays at 7am Pacific , 10am Eastern on channel 102 Sirus XM Radio Andy.  The show is repeated during the week and SirusXM  listeners can listen on demand.