Husband branded ‘a**hole’ for wanting to divorce wife because she had his baby

A man has come under fire online after admitting he has been considering getting divorced because he didn’t want to be a dad again

Their relationship isn’t what it once was (stock photo) (Image: Getty)

By: Courtney Pochin/ Daily Mirror 

There are many reasons why a  married couple may decide to get divorced – for example if one of them has strayed or they’ve lost that loving feeling.

But you probably wouldn’t expect to hear that a husband and wife had split up because they’d had a baby.

Babies can be tough, but it turns out one man really doesn’t like the fact that his wife had his children, so much so that he’s even been thinking of leaving her.

In a post on Reddit , which has since been deleted, the unnamed man asked if he was an a**hole for “wanting to divorce [his] wife for the birth of [their] second child”.

He wants to get a divorce – because they had kids (stock photo) (Image: Getty)


He claims that after having their first child together, he soon realized he didn’t like being a dad and he doesn’t feel very good at it.

“I told my wife I never wanted to have another kid,” he said. “As our first got older I was looking forward to my wife and I being able to spend more time together without a kid around. I was also looking forward to being able to do more interesting things with our first born.

“Then, my wife got pregnant.”

The husband didn’t want a second kid (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

The man says they discussed their options and made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy.

But the day before it was due to happen, the woman changed her mind and he says she “quilted” him into keeping the baby.

He adds: “Now two years on after the birth of our second, I still resent my wife. I find myself being annoyed by things she does that used to not bother me. I feel like I love our kids more than I love her.”


Over 600 people commented on the post, with many placing the blame on the husband.

One person replied: “You are the a**hole. She didn’t guilt you into cancelling the appointment – SHE cancelled it because it was ultimately her choice to make. You should’ve had a vasectomy if you were that adamant.”

Another posted: “You are the a**hole if you don’t understand the clear and obvious consequences of having sex?? Lol. Unless the baby was produced via the mailman or your best friend? I mean please hold yourself responsible for your damn actions. You now have two children to raise, so either be a man and step it up of bail completely. These kids deserve a father that can take some damn responsibility.”

A third person didn’t think he was an a**hole for wanting to leave his wife, because everyone should be able to get divorced if they’re unhappy.

They explained: “Bottom line, you aren’t happy and you don’t want to be with someone? Leave. He WOULD be an a**hole for dumping kids who are a few years old. But he’s not doing that. He says he loves them.

“You still have a responsibility as a father, but staying would only be unhealthy for everyone involved. If you don’t want to be with her and you are unhappy, it’s clear what you need to do.”

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