Zero to 17

Stretch ouch step, step ouch pull, step ouch my back, Step ok pull.How have I’ve done it over the years. I weighed more then, as ran through airports all over the world. Atlanta’s Hartfield, Denver International.  Charles de Gaulle in Paris. With my necessaries under my arm. PC’s, tablets, phones, meds, toiletries, books and a pair of Fruit of the looms. Thanks mom. I’m prepared.It must have been pure adrenalin. I can’t run at the moment and walking is challengingI’ve easily gained a hundred pounds since moving to Sacramento and successfully kept the weight. In San Francisco and New York you walk. In Sac you drive and YES,I most definitely will SUPERSIZE my order.Hundreds of dollars on unused gym memberships.King of the drive through.Then one spring day my car was gone. Totaled in a multi car accident.Shock, and tears. I’ve always had a car. I have enough for a hoopty but its not what I want.Living in the central city, near shops and restaurants.Swollen feet and legs. I thought I would try walking.I’m an obese baby boomer , well over 300 pounds.My first mile took 90 minutes. After a couple of weeks I split that number in half.Even at 90 minutes I was proud of myself.Walking downtown/Midtown Sacramento is a daily treat. There is so much to see.Armed with my cellphone, I take pictures of this brand new Sacramento.I have made many new acquaintances. People wave and say good morning to this giant black man huffing and puffing through the streets.Capitol hardware is becoming a favorite stop. A nice old fashioned store filled with knowledgeable people. Something your not likely to find at Home Depot.It’s a struggle to walk. I would probably be driving a old Ford Focus or Honda. If I lived in the suburbs or anywhere other than the central city.While it would be nice to lose some weight.  My goal is health, less huffing and puffing.I have a long way to go before 100. Today I’ll be happy with   18.