Throwback Thursday: 2010 Zsa Zsa Gabor her daughter and husband fought over her during her last days. Was it Love or Money?

She married nine times.  Related to the Hilton’s by marriage.  Slapped a Beverly Hills Police officer for stopping her.  She was actress, and socialite famous for her charismatic, flirtatious, persona.

For many, she and her family represented luxury and wealth and style.   Zsa Zsa could talk to anyone about anything ,this made her a staple on Television. She appeared in Flim, TV and Broadway.  She was a tabloid queen, it seemed everyone wanted to know who she was dating, divorcing.

In her final days, her daughter and her husband fought over her.  Her husband told the press she was near death, a bit of fake news.  Her daughter accused him of taking her money.

Love or Money is far an away the most popular story on Sacratomatoville Post with over twenty thousand views.   Zsa Zsa died in 2016.  She lived longer than all of her sibling and her only child Francesca Hilton died in 2015.

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