Hotel Confidential: She Walked with Purpose

She walked with purpose, as she  entered the hotel lobby, wearing electric blue jeans. She made a hard left and disappeared into the hallway.  She reappeared asking if anyone asked for keys for room 131? The front desk agent told her no.   She then asked for a key to the room.  Realizing she didn’t have her ID she said she’d be right back.

Returning, “I’m checking out” she tells the agent.  “This man” she says under her breath.  “He wanted a suite” she’s getting angry. “ I drive all the way out here and he has no money!”” Then we get here and then he asked for for money” When I couldn’t find the key, I knew he had it..   I hate this!   


Two men come to the front desk.  “I’m in room 131 and my key don’t work”  The taller and older man asked.        The front desk agent tells him that the room was checked out.   “Whaaaa, when? how long ago?  She tells him almost two hours ago.     I left my phone in the room.    I’m sorry, I cant let you into the room.  We can hold it, but we can only give the phone or anything in the room to the person that rented the room.   So, I can’t get my phone?  Wow!   Sir, just call the lady and we will holder it for her!  (The agent was struggling ,wanted to laugh)   Ok, then, turning and walking away, leaving his friend at the counter.   What about the room? the younger male asks.   Come on!  “Dude” you said you had this room!   What we gonna do?  Your getting another room? They’re in the car waiting on us! ‘COME ON”  shouted the older man.   “Fuck”  


Gina C. and CityFella