Hotel Confidential: The app is slow

3:09A-He’s tall thin, 6.4 or 6.5 wearing shorts and flip flops.   The doors are locked.  “Hi can I help you, the front desk agents asked?  I’m here to see someone, said flip flops.  What is the guest name?  I don’t know, says flip flops.  I’m not sure I can help you if your don’t know his name.  Well, I sort of do? but its not his real name.   O-k-a-y, says the front desk agent.

I know this sound’s weird (The front desk agent is quiet) but the app is slow and I don’t remember is real name.  After 45 minutes, he was able to locate the quest name.   The front desk agent, called the guest and it was all systems go.  Flip flops waved and smiled as he entered the elevator.

J. Rowe-Roseville, Ca