Getting His Chocolate Fix on Prairie City Road

When I think of Chocolate, I think of See’s candies, their Chocolate Truffles is sex in a bite.   Or Ginger Elizabeth’s on L Street, their Hot Chocolate will make your eyes roll to the back of your head.

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I’m bacck!

When I think of Chocolate, I don’t think of Safeway.  When I think of Safeway, I think Ground Beef,  Lucerne Ice Cream.    But that’s me.  When twenty year old Rodney Gaston thinks Chocolate, he thinks Safeway, at least he did Sunday night.

The man from Merced, reportedly filled his cart with more than a thousand dollars in candy, at the Folsom Safeway on Prairie Road.  He bypassed the cashiers and jumped  into a waiting car.

He was stopped on Highway 50 and was identified by Safeway employees.

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Pic: Folsom Police Department

“Not so Sweet”

The Candy man didn’t get a chance to lay his finger on a Butterfinger before he was taken to Sac’s most famous highrise*  The Sacramento County Jail where home cheese faces charges of burglary and grand theft.

No word on the driver of the car, perhaps they got a sweet deal.

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The hits keeps comin……..




*The Netflix Reality Jailbirds is filmed inside Sacramento County Jail

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