Somewhere in West Sacramento

Uber and Lyft have decimated the Taxi industry especially in here in Sacramento. Their large presence as resulted in increased traffic in most cities. At Sacramento International Uber and Lyft was responsible for major backups at the Terminal. As a result they relocated Uber and Lyft pickup locations at the Airport.

Taxi’s are Still Superior

Uber and Lyft drivers rely on Google maps, which funnels users to the same streets. So if your going anywhere in midtown or downtown Sacramento on Lyft and Uber, Google maps is likely to funnel you to one of Sacramento’s busiest thoroughfares  “J” Street. Not Richards, or Q, or any other street. The map doesn’t alert drivers of road construction, closures or traffic.

The average seasoned Taxi drivers know about road construction, alternative routes. The taxi dispatcher often warn drivers of police or fire affecting traffic.

Somewhere in West Sacramento

My Uber was timely. My destination was 4.9 miles, a twelve minutes ride.

My driver confirmed the directions on his phone. That directed him to the I street onramp to I-5 north. To I-80 in Natomas.  The exit google directed  told the drive to take was closed due to night repairs. Onward to the next exit. The plan was to double back. However the Eastbound ramp was also being repaired. The nice voice on the app insisted that we return to the closed ramp. The driver didn’t know where to do. “I almost never come to West Sac” he said, There was no one to call. I told him to take Harbor to I-80. The nice lady in the app was telling him to go one way and I was telling him another confusing him.. Who should he trust? The familiar lady or a frustrated passenger who just might eat him? 36 minutes and 22 miles later I made it to my destination. The original estimate was $8.36. $24.19 was charged to my Visa card.

Recommendations: If you know the city.  Take charge of your ride.  Most Lyft, Uber drivers will follow your directions.  However, there are a few who are willing to find their way on your dime.