He stole so often from the Apple Store employees knew him by name

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Stop Todd !! 

The employees of the massive Apple Store in Downtown Portland Oregon, knew him by his first name.

For over 3 Months…….

Todd would run into the store nearly every day and grab an average of $700 worth of  electronics from the store.                                                                            

The Plan 

Todd would look

into the glass store until the Security Guard took his break . Multnomah County investigators said, because he knew store employees at many big chains are trained not to lay hands on shoplifters but to report them after they walk away.

The Apple Store wasn’t his only target

10K in eye wear from Sunglass Hut 

And $$$$$ From Ross Dress for Less 

Eddie Bauer

All near the Apple store at Pioneer Square in Downtown Portland

During one of those Ross thefts, he shoved a manager who confronted him and his girlfriend, who was holding a pile of coats, authorities say.

39 year old Todd Anthony Billinghurst was arrested on February 14 after a Portland Police officer recognized him at a Starbucks downtown.

$150.00-a-day heroin Habit 

According to court papers, Billinghurst told detectives he used bout 2.5 grams of heroin, which costs about $150, and his girlfriend used about 1.5 grams, which costs about $90,



Is he amount of the settlement money his girlfriend received in December 2017.  But the couple blew through the money in less than a year and that’s why he turned to stealing.



Todd Anthony Billinghurst

pleaded guilty to first degree theft and third degree robbery for targeting the SunGlass Hut and Ross Dress for Less.  That was on top of earlier guilty pleas he made for first-degree aggravated theft from the Apple Store and initiating a false report, after he pretended he swallowed a wad of heroin so he’d get sent to the hospital instead of directly to jail after his arrest at Starbucks.

 3 ¾ years

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office agreed not to prosecute his girlfriend.

“I have turned into a junkie and it’s unfortunate that I did what I did with Apple and many other stores,” he said. “I’m not going to deny my behavior. … I don’t wish the disease that I have on my worst enemy.”  “my sincerest apologies to Apple and to every other store” I’ve stolen from in Portland.