The Great Race: Detroit ( nite 2)

Fight @ the Detroit Fox

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The Great Race entered its final day in Detroit. The winners will move on to the next round in Houston. There were a lot of punches thrown at the principle targets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If there is a clear winner in the Detroit debates it was Elizabeth Warren. She is the one to study, every thing tossed at her she caught and never lost her way.

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Who won?

These are my rankings from worst to first

10. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went for it. With nothing to lose he went after Biden he swung and occasionally brushed him, but there were no direct hits. He was everywhere. While it isn’t likely he will move on to Houston, someone might be impressed (those living outside of NY) with the big scrapper.

9. Colorado Senator Michael Bennet by all accounts is a good politician who’s voice was lost in this large field of Democrats

  1. If there was anyone who needed to have a good night it was New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.who reminded the audience several times that she is a woman and a feminist. She went after Biden about 1981 article he wrote about the Deterioration of a family. She said that Biden didn’t support working mothers. Her attack was an Epic failure as Biden ignored her.
  2. Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee is the official climate change candidate and he will probably be reelected as Governor.

  3. How did Andrew Yang make it this far. His enthusiastic fan base is second only to Pete Bettigieg and we just might see him in Houston.

  4. What a difference a debate makes….. California Senator Kamala Harris is used to doing the slapping. Last night she was the target, perhaps more than Biden. She went after Biden, but this time she failed to level any significant blows. Bennet accused her of wanting to get rid of employer-sponsored health insurance. Biden, Bennet and Gillibrand went after her about record as Attorney General. Then the mighty Tulsi Gabbard dropped kicked her. The usually articulate Senator was unable to successfully state her position.

4. Joe Biden performance while much better than Miami was uneven. His attacks on Harris on Booker were effective. But he seemed confused or not willing to talk about the issue of race and criminal justice reform. At times he seemed overwhelmed, despite those weaknesses he is a contender.

3.Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was the star of the evening. Her rating of point something should rise ,based on her dismantling of Kamala Harris. Will it rise enough to get her through to Houston? (I’m sure Harris wants a rematch!) If she pops up on “The View” in the next 48 hours its certain.

  1. Julian Castro has another good night. In Miami, he crushed Beto O’Rourke. Last night he leveled a hard blow to Biden on immigration and De Blasio on how he would handle the troubled officer who choked Eric Gardener. Castro his very statesman like and measured however despite his wins, it is questionable if he will move on to Houston.

1. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker like Gillibrand needed a home run tonight. He succeeded . His opener was a bit shaky, interrupted by protesters. Booker’s strengths was immigration and criminal justice reform. The senator accused Biden for trying to have it both ways when it came to the former President Barack Obama (taking credit when it works for him and distancing himself when it politically convenient.

Booker was responsible for he biggest laugh of the night when Biden said Booker employed stop-and-frisk tactics during his time as mayor of Newark, N.J., while Biden “was trying to reverse,” Booker “There’s a saying in my community that you’re dipping into the Kool-Aid, and you don’t even know the flavor,”

Half the slate may not qualify by Houston, See you in September



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Big city fella, Born and Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lived in New York (a part time New Yorker) for three years . I have lived in the Sacramento area since 1993. When I first moved here, I hated it. Initially found the city too conservative for my tastes. A great place to raise children however too few options for adults . The city has grown up, there is much to do here. The city suffers from low self esteem in my opinion, locals have few positive words to say about their hometown. visitors and transplants are amazed at what they find here. From, the grand old homes in Alkali Flats, and the huge trees in midtown, there are many surprises in Sacramento. Theater is alive is this area . And finally ,there is a nightlife... In.downtown midtown, for the young and not so young. My Criticism is with local government. There is a shortage of visionaries in city hall. Sacramento has long relied on the state, feds and real estate for revenue. Like many cities in America,Downtown Sacramento was the hub of activity in the area. as the population moved to the suburbs and retail followed. The city has spent millions to revive downtown. Today less than ten thousand people live downtown. No one at city hall could connect the dots. Population-Retail. Business says Sacramento is challenging and many corporations have chosen to set up operations outside the cities limits. There is vision in the burbs. Sacramento has bones, there are many good pieces here, leaders seem unable or unwilling to put those pieces together into. Rant aside, I love it here. From the trees to the rivers. But its the people here that move me. Sacramento is one of the most integrated cities in America. I find I'm welcome everywhere. The spices work in this city of nearly 500,000 and for the most part these spices blend well together. From Ukrainians to Hispanics and a sizable gay community, all the spices seem to work well here. I frequently travel and occasionally I will venture into a city with huge racial borders, where its unsafe to visit after certain hours. I haven't found it here. I cant imagine living in a community where there is one hue or one spice. I love the big trees, Temple Coffee House, the Alhambra Safeway, Zelda's Pizza, Bicyclist in Midtown, The Mother Lode Saloon, Crest Theater, and the Rivers. I could go on and I might. Sacramento is home.

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