916 Lyft Uber Tales # 2 “Dude I’m over here”

I wont out the driver, but he was hi and I was stupid.  One most days I can summoned a ride in one to two minutes which works for me cuz I’m always running late.

I run down the stairs and I see the Chevy passing my building.  He drives two blocks and makes a U turn.     I’m waving my arms as he passes me.  I watch his tail lights as he makes another U turn .  This time I’m waving both arms.  I try contacting calling him …Nothing!

(People in a Southwest Plane  waves back-“Mommy who is that?” He’s a happy man with the spirit of God!”-lets wave together)

He passes me again.   5 min has lapse. “Home Cheese-I got to get to work!  Just as he’s about the past me for the forth time   Hey are you…… ?     Yes, I replied,  I’ve been watching you for the last 5 minutes.    “Man I’m sorry, this thing gave me the wrong address.

Vintage, Led Zeppelin is on his radio.  Before the light changes he reaches to his left and grabs a Red Bull.  There is a sharp oder in the car.    On the freeway, hr drifts out of the lane and returned, exiting the freeway he does it again.   He says he’s tired.  But that’s not tired.  I can see him struggling to focus, but I see my destination ahead.   Arrival…..he is high.

I should have made an excuse and made him stop at a service station or restaurant. It was a foolish move on my part to allow him to drive when I knew better.   Its very  possible he could have killed us.   It was difficult, but I reported him to his company.   I made the wrong choice, I hope who ever reads this will make a better choice and I hope he get help.