Flixbus Review: Sacramento to Oakland


Bus travel has improved and is now a viable alternative to air travel offering express service between Metro Areas in the United States.   The new buses, have free wifi, wider seats, more leg room and its less stressful than flying.

Flixbus has routes between Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco.

In Sacramento, there are two locations (6th and W) and( 29th and K )


A fan of Megabus. The Google ad suggested, Flixbus has kicked it up a notch.

The New Way to Travel by Bus in the US. Discover All Destinations and Book Now! Low-cost bus travel in California, Nevada and Arizona from just $2.99. Extra Legroom. Snacks & Drinks On Board. Luggage Included. Restrooms On Board. Power Outlets. Onboard Entertainment.

Dates of Travel:   July 12-15 2019

Sacramento: ( $10) The Oakland bound bus arrived at the designated pick up location 32 minutes late.  The Bus was a rebadged (or re vinyl wrapped) Amador Stage Line bus commonly seen in Downtown Sacramento.  If you look close, you can see the old badging underneath to fresh plastic.  I was disappointed to see the older bus ,but held out hope, that the amenities promised in the ad would be on board.But no go jongo!


The very nice and accommodating driver. couldn’t read the passenger manifest and after a struggle reading the tickets on the cell phone.  Most of us boarded on the honor system.

There was one more stop in Sacramento (A minor irritant).    The clean Bus didn’t have Wifi.  Leg room was tight for this 6.4 giant, (I had to sit at an angle) thankfully I had the seat to myself, the bus arrived to West Oakland’s Bart Station an hour late.

Geographically, West Oakland Bart Station is an excellent location. Its one stop away from Downtown Oakland and Downtown San Francisco.  Direct trains to Oakland International, San Francisco International  and to the Oakland Coliseum are available from the station.  Once in San Francisco, passengers can transfer to Muni ,for events at  ATT park and the Chase Center the new home of the Warriors. The only negative,there are few food choices near the station. 

Oakland: ($5)The Sacramento bound Bus, was more than an hour late. As in the first leg, the driver struggled with the passenger manifest.  On the road, the next stop was a long and very congested drive up University Ave to UC Berkeley (A major irritant). This bus did have Wifi, the signal was very weak, I wasn’t able to stream on my cell.   We arrive in Sacramento nearly 90 minutes late. 


+ Getting a last minute low price ticket is very easy.

+Clean Buses, friendly drivers

– Older buses poor Wifi, not as advertised on Google 

-Poor choice for commuters

-Late, unorganized

First Impressions:  As a bus company, Flixbus misses the mark, when compared to Megabus, and even Greyhound. Its mission statement might read, We want to be the old Greyhound.  The older freshly wrapped buses disappoint.  They do not compete with the newer buses from Megabus, Bolt (owned by Greyhound) and Greyhound. The only positive is it’s low price.

Was my experience a fluke?

We’ll see. In the next few weeks, we will taking Flexbus to Los Angeles.

Have you’ve taken Flixbus? Would like to hear your experiences.