It isn’t over: Is Sacramento PD Ready?

Remembering The Victims Of The Dayton, Ohio Shooting

30 Seconds

A 24 year old shooter opened fire in an Entertainment District similar to Sacramento’s midtown and within 30 seconds nine people were killed and 27 others were wounded.

The shooter,wearing body armor reportedly had more than 100 rounds of ammunition in an popular entertainment area filled with people during the weekends.   In Dayton, officers engaged the suspect within 20 seconds of hearing shots fired and he was shot and killed by first responders.   The quick response of members of the Dayton Police Department literally saved hundred of lives.

FBI believes there will be an increase in domestic terrorism during the 2020 Presidential Election. 

Three days, after Yahoo released the May 30, FBI memo.  A twenty one year old man, drove nearly 10 hours from a Dallas suburb to the border city of El Paso Texas.  His goal was to kill Mexicans, when the siege ended.  22 were killed and another 24 were injured.


Local filmmaker releases new video that shows Sacramento in motion

Photo: Google


What happened in El Paso and Dayton could happen anywhere, including Sacramento.

Someone, could target, Lavender Heights, South Sacramento, and other areas where there are populations of people of color.

In light of the FBI memo,  Is the Sacramento Police Department Ready ?