Democrats: Its Trump!

Republicans do it better!

The GOP does a better job at protecting themselves. In the primaries they inflect damage to their opponents, they don’t go for the kill.

Democrats, go for they kill. Some would say they eat their young.

When the remaining Democrats hit the debate stage in Houston. I hope they remember who the target is?

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Warren, Sanders, and Harris are not only tone deaf, to the millions of Americans who like their current health coverage. They have forgotten the great lengths it took the pass the Affordable Care Act, they have forgotten that many Americans like Obamacare.

Instead of repairing one of the most significant pieces of legislation passed in the last 40 years, they talk about replacing the law with a new law which could have more issues than the current ACA.

The ammunition is there, from the effect of the trade war with China on the farmers, steel. From Race baiting , to Climate Control, to his over all incompetence (choose one) .

Warren, Sanders, and Harris, push for Medicare for All or Sanders Student Debt forgiveness may play well in Massachusetts and Oregon however it’s unlikely to resonate in the pivotal states needed the win the presidency.

There is False assumption that Trump won’t attract many outside is base. They reality is the wallet is primary every thing else is secondary.

A promise of higher taxes rarely wins elections.

See you in Houston!