Will Portland become the next Charlottesville?

The Beautiful City of Portland Oregon,  Rose City, known for its quirkiness, often called the Greenest City in America is bracing for what could be one of the most confrontational and violent rally’s since Charlottesville on Saturday.

The Police presence will be massive with city’s entire force of 1000 officers on duty.   The Oregon State Police and the FBI will be present  with the National Guard on standby.

The weekend rally is organized by the Proud Boys, whose founder  Gavin McInnes Image result for gavin mcinnes               has described it as a “fraternal organization” for young “Western chauvinist” men, and is expected to attract demonstrators from around the country. They say the purpose of their “End Domestic Terrorism” event is to oppose anti-facists, collectively called antifa and known for wearing masks and all-black clothing. Organizers want antifa to be declared a domestic terrorist organization.

Rose City Antifa, founded in 2007 is called the oldest active Antifa group in the United States.   The anti-fascist group, called on members to demonstrate Saturday in the city as “once again the Far Right is coming to Portland to attempt to silence and terrorize vulnerable members of our community.” s . 

What is Antifa?

A political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology.

The AP reports that experts who track right-wing militia and hate groups said the people expected to demonstrate in Portland this weekend are among the same as those who came together for the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va.

More than 100 organizations are telling people to stay home………

The problem is …………. There are some well intentioned  individuals who want to represent peace, other peaceful individuals who want to defend (White Supremacists) their right to exist.   Add a mix of Anarchists from the suburbs playing dress up  who just want to create mayhem and destruction .

Pray for Portland



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