I recognize that tooth

Not long ago my daughter and I visited a popular all you can eat restaurant here in the Big Tomato. First observation, every other thing they make is fried. After sampling a little bit of every thing, we knew this was going to be our first and last visit.

The chicken was hard, the beef was ok, the desserts were dry. My Pepsi was fresh and moist.

I was brought up, not to waste food and I wanted to eat as much as I could. At on point i looked down at some fried concoction and it had a tooth looking up at me. Before I contacted management , my tongue did a quick tooth scan. It was mine, a temporary tooth while I waited for an implant. Not sure why I didn’t noticed it was right up front. My daughter noticed, her laughter was bringing unwanted attention to us. That’s why I had to kill her. She is still there in restaurant in the booth in the corner not far from the chocolate fountain. She’s been there a while now, I wonder hows her hair holding up?