My problem with The View’s Meghan McCain

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For twenty one years, “The View has been a part of my daily viewing diet. For years women in news were relegated to fashion or the cooking segments.    43 years ago, Journalist, Barbara Walters broke through the glass becoming the women to host the Evening News.  In 1997, she created something that American views have never seen.  Women of different generations , talking about real world issues from a woman’s perspective.

After more than twenty years, The View is one of the most influential shows on Television. It the first stop on the campaign trail for politicians and the place for authors  to introduce their books to the public.

While the shows importance has grown over the years, the show took a turn when Executive Producers, Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie stepped away from the day to day operations of the show.   The two had the ability to assembled a cast that complimented each other.   They weren’t always successful.  One notable error was Rosie O’Donnell, who had hosted her own successful talk show.   As a guest and co-host Rosie O’Donnell was fantastic, as a moderator she was a complete disaster.  In their absence there has been many cast changes.

Being the conservative voice on the panel host is the most difficult position on The View.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck , was too young in my opinion, but audience liked her.  Nicole Wallace, was extremely likable but wasn’t conservative enough.  Candace Cameron Bure seemed lost. The best conservative voice was Jedediah Bila, extremely intelligent, confident strong and likable.

Enter Meghan McCain 

Meghan got off the a rough start on her first day, after she told Joy ( I really don’t give a shit) Behar that there would be friction between them as they are very different politically.   To me that comment, was an indication of insecurity.  While her father, a frequent quest on  The View” was charming and self effacing.  Megan, is stiff, self conscious, and insecure.

Continuity is very important, to the View’s audience.  Overtime, the viewer have established a relationship with the woman and they want to see the same faces. After Walters and Geddie’s left in 2014 there were parade of co-hosts.  Joy Behar left The View” in 2013 and returned in 2015.

Megan shares little with the audience, she is often on the outside when the panel is sharing humorous bits of their personal lives. As she begins her second season with “The View” the audience knows little about her.  Her edge, is the opposite of soft and warm.   The tabloid stories of her being miserable on the show doesn’t help.  Her Humor is sparse, when the shows opens, there is rarely a smile, she doesn’t seem to want to be there, its as if she is going to war.

Missing from Ms, McCain is softness and a vulnerability.  The times the audience sees her vulnerability is when she speaks about her dad and her family.   Her interviewing style is attack! She often fails to listen for a response from the person she is interviewing.  Again, the questions are only soft if she like  the celebrity or politician.

 Tuesday was the first episode of season 23.  During an exchange with Joy Behar,  McCain said it was “not a fun job for me every day- being the sacrificial Republican”  That seem to set the tone for the rest of the taping.

She told Entertainment Tonight ,she was representing 50% of the country and perhaps that’s the problem.  She isn’t representing a section of the country.   None of the women are.  She was hired for her personal views, that could anger, any segment of the population on any given day.

While I rarely agree with Meghan McCain. However, I find many of her arguments compelling.  She was her fathers, daughter and went with him on the campaign trail.  She was with her dad as she shook hand with his constituents.  As a conservative she brings an rare insight into the Republican Party not seen on the table before.

She is clearly troubled by lack of support by the audience. Part of that due to her conservative roll in a liberal New York Audience.  The other is due to her affect.  Others in her position Hasselbeck, Wallace and Bila were very popular.  Abby Huntsman, the newest co-host and her personal friend, has a warm relationship with the audience.

Perhaps it her age(34). Its clear she has been called on the carpet by the Executives. When she returns from her one day suspensions she returns with major attitude. ( Can I speak now!!!!!)   She struggles to move on from an topic she feels strongly about or argument she has had with Joy.   The absence of warmth,combined with her comments in the tabloid has had hurt her with the audience.

However, it is her comments to the tabloids  and her fights with Joy. ( The liberal vs Conservative ) that has added to the shows resent success in the ratings.  But its taking at toll on the cast.   It’s very possible, that season 24 will be dramatically different than season 23. With Goldberg, Behar, possibly exiting .

Hopefully, Tuesday was a blip