“LIZZO” no introduction needed

2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 3

If this is the first time you have heard the name Lizzo, it wont be your last.

She has recently become a member of a very exclusive club. She joins Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Shawnnna, IggyAzalea, and Cardi B as the only female rappers to hit number one on Billboard’s hot 100 chart. No your eyes don’t deceive you, there are a few notable names missing here.

Lizzo, (born) Melissa Viviane Jefferson is not an overnight sucess. She started performing as a teen in Houston. Her career as a recording artist began after moving to Minneapolis. Back in 2014, Time Magazine, named her one of the fourteen music artist to watch. A professional flutist she studied classical Music at the University of Houston..

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She’s been called Corny. Some have accused her of pandering to white audiences. Which happens to some black performers who have a white following. Whitney Houston was booed by some members of the audience when she first appeared on the BET awards.

A lot of the hate she is currently receiving, is from lessor known artists, who are attacking her for her weight, her theme and……….

They will have more reasons to hate Lizzo, as she is starring along side Jenny from the block, Cardi B and others in the “Hustlers opens nationwide.Thursday( Sept 12)



“Cuz I Love You” Tour Dates

September 2019 9th Tampa, 10th Tampa, 13th Raleigh NC, 15th Charlotte NC, 17th Boston, 18th Philadelphia, 19th Toronto, 20,21 24 NYC, 25th 26th Washington, 28 29th Chicago, 30th Nashville

October 2019 2nd Louisville, 4th Houston, 5th Dallas, 6th Austin, 8th St Louis, 9th Minneapolis, 10th Madison,Wi, 11th Minneapolis, 15-16th Denver, 18th, 20, 21 Los Angeles, 23th Phoenix, 24th San Diego, 25th Las Vegas, 27, 28th San Francisco



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