Democrats Not Ready for Prime Time or Impeachment Hearings

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Sometimes the referee has to call the game. It could be weather related or unsafe conditions for the players.

Yesterday, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler should have called the meeting within the first half hour.  It was clear the President’s mid level errand boy wasn’t going to answer questions.

Instead of calling the meeting. Which would have caused outrage by those Democrats who wanted HD time to humiliate themselves on TV . Nadler allowed to bleeding to continue. This isn’t uncommon for politician. .  With no real new evidence or facts.  The Republicans went after then Secretary Hillary Clinton over Benghazi.  She annihilated them. The stakes are higher for the Democrats, as for some the ultimate goal is impeachment of the President of the United States

Yesterday, Corey Lewandowski , President Trumps ex campaign manager gave the performance of his career. He acted like the child of a schools largest philanthropist, he knew nothing was going to happen and acted like an petulant child.

In a real court, Lewandowski would have been held in contempt, resulting in a fine, jail time or both.

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September 17, 2019 was a great day for Corey Lewandowski.  Its also troubling for any Democrat still considering Impeaching the President..   What would be the penalty for individuals refusing to answer questions?


In 1857, Congress enacted a law that made “contempt of Congress” a criminal offense against the United States. The last time Congress arrested and detained a witness was in 1935. Since then, it has instead referred cases to the United States Department of Justice.


What discussions did the leadership have with the Department of Justice before the hearings .  Did they discuss penalties for contempt.?  Do they have the support of the DOJ?

Lewandowski charged House Democrats with “going down rabbit holes” and “focusing on petty and personal politics” motivated by “Trump haters who [have] their own agenda to take down a duly elected President of the United States.”

Being outraged by the President’s blatant disregard for the law isn’t enough!  There has to be a cohesive plan to impeach the President and right now he has the ball tightly in his orange hands.

The hearing is a major indication the Democrats doesn’t have a real plan.

If you still believe impeaching the President is a good idea!  Please watch the Lewandowki hearing twice and if your a member of the house or the Senate Five Times.





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  1. Has there ever been a group of people more incompetent and inept as the Dumocrats? It didn’t take long for their clumsy incompetence to come to the surface which, admittedly, I find very disconcerting. After all, as progressives they are all we have to protect our democracy, i.e., democracy as we wish to see it incarnated. Simply put, they could screw up a rock fight. Pathetic. Just pathetic. I’ve been telling my DSCC & DCCC callers that I will not donate to any candidates that are not verified progressives, so stop calling please.

    Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, et al, need to be primaried – even if it takes a few years to populate the party with real progressives interested in something other than business as usual. Joe Biden is already making a fool out of himself almost every time he opens his mouth even while Comrade Trump is even more tongue tied (or, as some would have it, even more senile?) Could we count on the Dums to present the Orange Man as such? Don’t bet on it. And don’t bet on the election either, I wouldn’t trust the Dumos if they were running for dog catcher.


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