2 to Zero

Its late afternoon , in a small cafe. Inside was a couple of customers. A women sitting alone in booth reading a book and another man sitting alone a booth a few feet away.

The quiet in the cafe was broken, when a family with a toddler entered the restaurant. The family sat in the booth next to the woman. It’s a typical family with bags and snacks and toys in tow to entertain the toddler. The child between 2 and 3 touched the woman.

This unnerved the woman, and she turned around to scold the family. “I don’t like being touched! You should be better parents and teach your child not to touch anyone!” The family apologized and moved the child to the other side of the booth. The child sensing something was wrong was silent.

The family finished their meal before the woman and collected their belongings and exited the cafe.

Minutes later, the woman summoned the waitress to pay her bill. The waitress said, the people in the next booth paid your bill and left a tip. Astonished! the woman put her bag down and sat quietly in the booth.

The man who was sitting in the booth a few feet from the woman. As he was leaving , said in dry sarcastic tone “I bet you are the best mother in the world”