Spin Machine on overload: Donald Trump Did Not Rob A Bank


Donald Trump Explains why he didn’t rob a bank!

Officer: You entered the bank wearing mask carrying a gun and you robbed the bank.

Donald Trump: Yes, I was wearing a mask. It’s a mask. So, I’m a criminal cause I wore a mask?

Officer: You had a gun!

Yes, I carried a gun Its not against the law to have a gun. It’s not my right? I live in Arizona. In Arizona I have the right to openly carry a gun. I carried my gun into Phoenix National.

Officer:You stole Ten Thousand dollars.

I didn’t steal anything!  The girl gave me ten thousand dollars. By the way, she is a lovely girl. A true professional. I told her boss. She handed me Ten thousand dollars!. Who wouldn’t take ten thousand dollars? You would take ten thousand dollars if someone gave it you. And you call it robbery! They gave me the money!  You must be a Democrat. Hillary has 3 trillion illegal emails, why aren’t you investigating THAT? . Robbery. I’m gonna win big. Look at the economy!  The people in the bank all said Trumps gonna win big. See they knew it was me. What is this? Fake News?


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