Never hit a New Yorker, even in Sacramento

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Nari was in town to attend her sisters wedding.  Shortly after she checked in to the hotel, she realized she’d left the dress she planned to wear to the wedding on her bedroom door in her apartment in New York

She was told there was a Macy’s less than two blocks away from the hotel.

She was walking up a slight slope as two young men riding down on a scooter crashed into her and three other women, knocking them all to the ground.  She didn’t know the other women  One woman started to cry, holding her leg, her friend was comforting her demanding an apology.

One of the men on the scooter said, they (the women) should have moved out of the way!    Nari ,who is five foot two Bronx Queen, punched him in the face.  She said she wished he would have tried to hit me back  I’d a dragged his bitch little ass all over  Sacramento” 

He did apologize…..a painful sorry!

Four women? This wouldn’t have happened in New York!  Those two little bitches crashing into us and blaming us? Oh hell…..   And those girls doing standing there doing nothing  after what those two did?  They didn’t even try to help us off the ground.    Is this how people are in California?

My mother used to work in Manhattan and one of those crazy bicycle messengers crashed into a old man at a bus stop and didn’t apologize , my mother! who is smaller than me and the other people at that corner beat the living shit out of that messenger. When she got home, we were shocked, we thought ,somebody had attacked her. Her clothes were torn and her hair was messed up.  But she said, she got him!

We look out for each other in New York.   I got to get out of California before I get put in jail! she laughs.