She helped him find his mind!

It not new.  Because of smart phones and social media we get to see and witnesses of bad behavior and people who see it for the first time are shocked.   Bad behavior is everywhere , on planes, in supermarkets, banks and in this story a hotel.

Legend has is ,and she is a legend to many,  A young man had a reservation at an west coast hotel.  He presented a worn credit card and a questionable ID.   The seasoned* clerk at the hotel immediately asked for another credit card.

The young man demanded she used the credit card he presented.  She swiped the credit card and the last four numbers on the card did not match the last four numbers in her computer.

 Without telling him the credit card was fraudulent,  she asked for another credit card.   He started screaming. Rumor says, the clerk was un-bothered by his tone.   They say  she picked up a book and started reading, which sent him into the stratosphere and he threw a cup of hot coffee in her face. The clerk ,working third shift, is a serious coffee drinker and returned more than forty ounces of scalding hot coffee to the face and body of the young man..    Police were called, no one was arrested.   She has been suspended and faces disciplinary action and could be fired!

She is hero, to nearly everyone who has heard the story.   A hero to those who works in customer service and with the public.

Some people believe those on the other side of the counter are their servants and believe the customer is always right even if the right is abusive.

*Seasoned employees (over 40) are less like to accept an abusive customer and aren’t easily intimidated.

Hoping she will keep her job and I’m sure forty ounces helped him find his right mind and just perhaps he will think before throwing anything on anyone in the future.