When your family doesn’t accept you

Volunteers serve a Friends giving meal at the Sacramento LGBT Center, a welcoming place for the holidays.  PHOTO COURTESY OF SACRAMENTO LGBT CENTER

For LGBTQ people, the holidays can be very stressful

By: Rachel Mayfield/Sacramento News and Review

It was a typical L.A. Christmas—quiet, uneventful and a little too warm for sweaters.

My extended family had crowded into the dining room for a traditional holiday feast, one of the rare occasions we could all gather together to share a meal and catch up on life. Light conversation and idle gossip flitted around the table.

Toward the end of dinner, everyone’s attention shifted to my uncle as he began to tell a story.

My uncle has always been a great storyteller. He loves to regale audiences with fantastical tales of his adventures climbing the Himalayas, or stumbling across a grotesquely large snake. This time, the story was about a bathroom at the airport, and it went a little something like this:

My uncle was in a bathroom at the airport. Suddenly, a woman walked in. My uncle said, accusingly, “You are in the wrong bathroom!”

It wasn’t until he got closer that he realized the person was, in his words, a man dressed in women’s clothes. A classic twist!

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