Lizzo how YOU feelin?

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Being the topic of conversation is good thing if your entertainer.  There are some who believe any conversation is good, as long as someone is talking .  Some performers use fashion to create conversation and controversy, Lady Gaga ,Madonna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez come to mind .

On Sunday, Lizzo, was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, supporting the Minnesota Timberwolves.  During half time, the Laker Girls danced to her music and Lizzo joined them and revealed her backside of her outfit.

Some people lost their minds. After all they’re families there!

The world has seen, Gaga’s Madonna, Cher and J-Lo backs side.  Lizzo’s a normal women, a full figured women with curves.

Tweeter was all the tweeta.  Filled with how dare she? Does she know what she looks like? and the other side defending her right to be her.


Its Tuesday, December 10, the Laker, Timberwolf game is history.

And were still talking about her…..

Lizzo, Baby how your feelin?

Probably, Good as hell……