Hopeless Helpless: Impeaching the President

At one point in my life. Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, ,George H Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush and Barrack Obama were my all Presidents.

A Look Back

I remember listening to the Watergate hearings in school.   I remember when Manson member, Squeaky Fromme tried to take out President Ford at the State Capitol in Sacramento with an unloaded gun and Sara Jane Moore shot at him on the Post Street side of the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Gas lines when Jimmy Carter was President. Ronald Reagan saying “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” George H Bush didn’t know what a Gallon of Milk Cost the average american.  Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.  George W saying “He” Saddam Hussein ” “Tried to kill my Daddy!” finally I remember Obama crying as he was talking about the children being killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I don’t remember any of these Presidents choosing the word of a Russian or a leader of another country  over US intelligence or abandoning an ally.  Calling members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Scum.. Mistreating Immigrants.

Richard Millhouse Nixon and Donald John Trump

People connected to the Nixon Campaign broke into the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate Office Complex in Washington D.C.    Donald Trump intercepted money allocated by Congress to the Ukraine to ask for Dirt on the Bidens to help give him a leg up on the 2020 Presidential Election.

President Nixon asked the CIA to disrupt the FBI investigation on the break in.  Nixon refused to release tapes to an independent council subpoena. He released them after being ordered by the Supreme Court.   Donald Trump has ignored every subpoena sent by Congress.

The fight over the tapes grew intense by the hour.  Nixon ordered his attorney general, Eliot Richardson, to fire Cox. Richardson refused, resigning instead. The new acting attorney general, William Ruckelshaus, refused as well, and resigned. The third in command at the Justice Department, Solicitor General Robert Bork , finally carried out the order to fire Cox. The office of special prosecutor was abolished, and the investigation was sent back to the Justice Department proper.  This was considered a major abuse of power.

The House Judiciary Committee approved three articles on impeachment against President Nixon. 

The second article charged him with a variety of abuses, including attempting to use the IRS to investigate political enemies, using the FBI to do illegal surveillance, overseeing the break-in to Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office, and allowing the plumbers to work in the White House in general.

 concerned his failure to comply with subpoenas from Cox, Jaworski, and the Senate Watergate Committee.

Richard Nixon Resigned before the House voted to impeach him.

December 2019

After the GREAT shock of 2016 there was a sigh and resolution.  Donald  J Trump is my President.  I told myself to take a step back.  It was an election and during a typical election, the goal is to convince us that the other guy is hopeless and horrible and that they (the opponent is the clear choice.

The woman’s march was exhilarating.  It gave me hope America was wide awake.   Like an avalanche our President was rapidly dismantling America by Executive Order.   He was signing orders and laws he didn’t understand the ramifications or seem to care.

  He is hopeless and horrible! and it seemed he was unstoppable. Where, was Congress? Where were the leveled headed Republicans?  Many of the orders ,were cruel.

2018, brought hope. I didn’t want President Trump Impeached. I wanted balance.  I was disappointed with some of the freshmen members of Congress who’s goal was to impeach the President, I was hoping some order would be restored.  The President separated immigrants, opened parks for mining.  American is up for sale.

He is a master of the media.  I realize he has limited audience in Kentucky, Mississippi,  Alabama and a few areas in the Nation but its disheartening.  It seems people were buying the tonic despite the evidence that its just water.

I know its a little premature, and I trust Nancy Pelosi, I want the President impeached. This may slow his belief that he is King.   I realize it is unlikely he will be removed. ( unless his approval rating within his party drop 30 points) .  It may be sad, even petty, but I want a win, I want the checks and balances restored and perhaps, he might for the first time, realize their are consequences for ignoring the constitution.

The House Judiciary Committee approved two articles             on the impeachment against President Trump

Article II, Section 1

The first article alleges an of abuse of power stems from Trump’s decision to withhold roughly $400 million of congressionally approved military aid from Ukraine until the country announced an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, a political rival..

In a July 25 phone call, Trump urged Zelensky to investigate Biden, and his son, Hunter, who worked for the Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings. The “favor,” as Trump described it, was made despite a lack of evidence that Biden or his son had engaged in corrupt activities, according to the House Intelligence report.

The second article alleges obstruction are based on Trump’s lack of cooperation with the House inquiry, including defying subpoenas for documents and testimony.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in an Oct. 8 letter to Pelosi and other House leaders that the inquiry is being conducted in a manner that “violates fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process.”

The White House prevented a number of mid-level and top staffers from testifying, in part because the process wouldn’t allow the president to call or cross-examine witnesses. Trump tweeted last month he wanted people to testify but was “fighting for future presidents and the Office of the President” by not letting them appear before Congress.

In the history of the Republic, no President has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry or sought to obstruct and impede so comprehensively the ability of the House of Representatives to investigate “high Crimes and Misdemeanors”






    1. I agree Sir. I have never had such feelings for any President. Even Nixon had qualities although I can’t think of any at this time. Trump is worse than vermin.


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