Customer Service: Somedays it hurts to smile




When you work with the public, stories are a part of the job.   There are many types or stories.  Wonderful stories of weddings, the birth of a new child, a once in a lifetime vacation complete with picture and videos.  If your a man of a certain age, you may have a treasure trove of jokes from the Johnson administration awaiting a new audience.

There are stories of bad parents, bad children, boyfriends, husbands, bosses, family members, that piece of shit of car you drive.  Tales of woe, what happened at the last store, last office, family and work conspiracy’s, they are making fun of you or trying to get you fired.

Some of our favorites, are the all purpose manipulative stories you’ve conjured up in your head to get over, on this business, the PERFECT STORY that you believe is guaranteed to get you a discount on your meal, or that nicer apartment, a better seat on the plane, a better room and discount on the discount at Target.  The problem Is we hear versions of that same story EVERY DAY!

Then there are special customers/clients ,you tell us how incompetent were are.  They  picked up rice when they wanted flour. They insist that someone changed the store around since their last visit two days ago.  The airline.the hotel, and the rental car company must have done something, because they would have never chosen that seat, booked at the wrong hotel or chosen a Toyota Corolla.  The business  is at fault when you booked the wrong day. You didn’t notice the price.  You drove to the wrong hotel. It is businesses overall incompetence, and You better fix it now or they will write a bad review, make a scene, have our job, which we aren’t good at!

With extra time on our hands we might enjoy your sharing, your vids and pics, how no NEVAH.!!!!!

Can’t you see the pile of shit on my desk? Cant you hear the phones ringing?  Didn’t you notice the eight thousand people in line behind you?   Aren’t you special ,when apologize  to those people for talking and THEN CONTINUE WITH YOUR STORY!

We are doing our JOB! 

  When we don’t cuss you out! (we are in our heads)

When we don’t break that five pound bag of Gold Medal flower over your ass.

Doing our job when your not just an idiot, because that’s an insult to the person who has just had a momentary lapse in judgement, while you have a four year Degree from Idiot University.

Do you really think your going to get a refund on a meal that you didn’t like the last time you were here-when everyone in the Restaurant watched in horror as you licked the plate!  

We are all professionals! 

We don’t need reality TV, we live it through you.  Most of us keep a straight face as you make a fool of yourself.   We work in government offices, convenience stores, Family Dollar and JC Penney’s,  at hotels, motels Holiday Inn”-
you say if your girl starts actin’ up, then you take her friend           (scratch that last one) 

The majority of you are great! The Krazies makes us appreciate you. 

But some days the Krazies line up like cars at a toll booth 

Some days your face ache from smiling 

There are things some of us do that helps

With a big smile and a small voice you say : “Fuck you very much don’t come again! 

And the BiG win, is when they say “Thank you”




Published by CityFella

Big city fella, Born and Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lived in New York (a part time New Yorker) for three years . I have lived in the Sacramento area since 1993. When I first moved here, I hated it. Initially found the city too conservative for my tastes. A great place to raise children however too few options for adults . The city has grown up, there is much to do here. The city suffers from low self esteem in my opinion, locals have few positive words to say about their hometown. visitors and transplants are amazed at what they find here. From, the grand old homes in Alkali Flats, and the huge trees in midtown, there are many surprises in Sacramento. Theater is alive is this area . And finally ,there is a nightlife... In.downtown midtown, for the young and not so young. My Criticism is with local government. There is a shortage of visionaries in city hall. Sacramento has long relied on the state, feds and real estate for revenue. Like many cities in America,Downtown Sacramento was the hub of activity in the area. as the population moved to the suburbs and retail followed. The city has spent millions to revive downtown. Today less than ten thousand people live downtown. No one at city hall could connect the dots. Population-Retail. Business says Sacramento is challenging and many corporations have chosen to set up operations outside the cities limits. There is vision in the burbs. Sacramento has bones, there are many good pieces here, leaders seem unable or unwilling to put those pieces together into. Rant aside, I love it here. From the trees to the rivers. But its the people here that move me. Sacramento is one of the most integrated cities in America. I find I'm welcome everywhere. The spices work in this city of nearly 500,000 and for the most part these spices blend well together. From Ukrainians to Hispanics and a sizable gay community, all the spices seem to work well here. I frequently travel and occasionally I will venture into a city with huge racial borders, where its unsafe to visit after certain hours. I haven't found it here. I cant imagine living in a community where there is one hue or one spice. I love the big trees, Temple Coffee House, the Alhambra Safeway, Zelda's Pizza, Bicyclist in Midtown, The Mother Lode Saloon, Crest Theater, and the Rivers. I could go on and I might. Sacramento is home.

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