Teacher and Former Miss Kentucky Faces 2 years in jail for sending nudes to 15 year old student

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Ramsay Beth Ann Bearse, Miss Kentucky 2015 plead guilty yesterday to one count of possession of material depicting minors in sexually explicit conduct.

In a Charleston West Virginia courtroom she apologized for her actions.

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I’m sorry that I made a mess of things,” “I made a mistake.”

Bearse who is married said: Things started innocently  as she kept in touch on Snapchat with her former students, asking them about school and their summer. The things went too far when one young man “asked a lot of questions and I crossed the line and shared too much information of what I was going through at the time,”

“Basically, that my husband was working all the time and was too distracted and overwhelmed with work to pay attention to me,” “In addition, since I moved to West Virginia, I felt like I was completely alone. None of my family lives here, and I didn’t have any friends.”

She claimed, she accidentally sent the teen a risqué photo intended for her husband. The boy’s name, she said, was listed next to her husband’s name on her phone.

“From there, [the teen] asked me for more, and I panicked,” she continued, according to the station. “I was afraid to not appease him, and when he asked for more, I sent him more photos of me.”


Then the 15 year old parents found out 



She ended up sending the teen at least four photographs of her nude breast/chest area, according to a complaint obtained by the outlet.

Bearse faces up to two years in prison when sentenced next month .   In addition to the possibility of being ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life and being on probation for up to 50 years after her release. 


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