What will you tell your children?

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1.a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching.

2. the writer of one of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John).
“St. John the Evangelist”
A person and especially a preacher who tries to convince people to become Christian. : someone who talks about something with great enthusiasm. : a writer of any of the Gospels in the Bible.
In Christianity, evangelism is the commitment to or act of publicly preaching (ministry) of the Gospel with the intention of spreading the message and teachings of Jesus Christ.

President Kennedy, President Johnson , President Clinton and President George H Bush cheated on their wives.    President Roosevelt and Kennedy mislead the nation about the severity of their illnesses.   Richard Nixon, abused his power in office and lied to congress and the nation.   Many believed President Reagan was involved in the Iran Contra scandal where the President was accused of trading arms for hostages.  Some believe President George W Bush mislead the country into war.

I could be wrong, but if I am to believe the collective media. No President in the history of this great county has been as dishonest, as our current  President.  There isn’t a close second or third.   There are some who believe he is treated unfairly because he isn’t a typical politician and some members of the press are out to get him.  The truth is, every President has had a contentious relationship with the press. America has a free unrestricted press..

I understand for some, America has moved too far left.  Same sex marriages. Gays adopting children.  Rapidly changing neighborhoods with different sounds and beliefs.  A feeling that the Republican party has abandoned them.   To slow the process and restore conservative values, some believe the future of America will be shaped by the courts.

 The President has promised to filled the courts with conservative judges.  Because of this promise, many devout Christians look the other way., even though what the President does and say’s, is often at odds with the teachings of Jesus and Christianity.

If you have children how do you reconcile your fundamental christian values  with the actions of President.?

What do you tell your children?

When they ask, why does the President separate babies from their parents ?

When they ask why Mexicans are  bad and do they want to hurt us?

Is it true President Trump  tells lies ?

They say President Trump is not nice to people like my cousin Micheal cause he is black?

These are just some of the simple question a child or teenager might ask. 

   This is not a judgement, no one has that right, this was a question. As a christian, I know we are not judged collectively, we are judged individually, as we have to answer for our actions.