Swinging in Sacramento? Heck yes!

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A freaked out father of four wanted his mo-NAY back from an Arden area hotel on New Years Eve .After learning a Swingers Club was having a party in the hotel. How dare he and his children stay at a hotel where people are having SEX! Ouba Goobay

A sex club was having a mega party New Years Eve and he was OUTRAGED! Let’s throw out Logic or Common Sense that would dictate, he would have to go looking for the party in the large hotel. His position the hotel should have warned them before he made the reservation.

“In addition to the pool being closed for New Years,our hotel is having a rocking sex party”

He didn’t get a refund.

One of the many Secret’s about Sactown it was once a hub of Swinger (sex clubs) in California .

Now how do I know this?

In the late late late nineties. A super sized friend of mine wanted to know if I would be a bouncer slash security guard at a hotel over a weekend, it was easy money and they were looking for a super sized man. Well hello there……

The requirement was a black suit ( I’m a super sized man-we always have something black to wear) and that we were mature.

The gig was a Swingers (sex club) Party at a hotel in Rancho Cordova. My job was to redirect uninvited guest. My post was five feet from reception and my job was to greet members with a smile. That was it, for $300.

I was prepared to make mental (in my head) fun of the patrons. After all I’m from San Francisco and New York City. I’ve been to the exotic erotic ball at the Cow Palace in San Francisco which was a bit too much for THIS Cityfella . Sac is Hooterville ,so I thought. I was expecting red pumps, bouncing boobies, and men with open shirts and gold chains.

What I saw were pleasantly dressed men and women. Some of the Women looked like teachers. Sunday school teachers. The men were ordinary too. They could be your banker, or insurance salesmen. There were a few extroverts, but not the exotic erotic ball caliber. The more people I saw, the more questions I had. One member, patently answered all my preteen questions. He was a member for 5 years. I learned, this particular club membership process was more like an exclusive country club There are dues and fees and strict rules to be followed.

I learned that little ole Sacramento was hub of sorts for these gatherings. Groups could rent out hotels in Sacramento for a lot less than the Bay and Southern California, the cost of travel was offset by the lower room costs. Elaborate theme parties that often take several days to assemble.

There were a few people I had to turn away, Invites lost in the mail or if I would just let them in they would find the member, that member could vouch for them. No one was violent or too argumentative. Like, who wants to be arrested for attempting to bust in sex club.

As the night progressed my Christian curiosity was on hyper drive. I wanted to take a peek, hard as I tried, I couldn’t hear any moaning or screaming.

This party was extremely organized, there were levels of security to protect the privacy of the members. My friend and I was the external security they also had two people outside the meeting room and people inside the meeting room. I learned this as I pretended that I didn’t know where the men’s room was.

That was 1999, I don’t know if Sacramento is still number one Today people are probably having virtual sex parties via live stream

Back to New Years Eve 2019

Had the man not seen the sign about the party, he wouldn’t have known it was taking place. The hotel were the party took place is one of Sacramento’s best. He told Fox 40 there were crazies in the hot tub. Shouldn’t he be with his four children or did he take with? “Look Tommy”

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