Britain: She said she was attacked for being beautiful

Lisa Hall believes she was attacked in Bognor Regis because of ‘jealousy’ (Image: Facebook)

Lisa Hall, 44, from Bognor Regis in West Sussex, was attacked by Zoe Lee, 22, and her mum Joan, 47, while on a night out. The Lees have both been convicted of grievous bodily harm.


A woman beaten up on a night out by a mother and daughter says she was ‘attacked for being beautiful with big boobs’.

Lisa Hall, 44, from Bognor Regis in West Sussex, claims that Zoe Lee, 22, and her mother Joan, 47, were ‘jealous’ of her looks and her popularity.

Lisa was punched to the ground, kicked and stamped on before eventually blacking out – and was left with several injures including a broken ankle.

The attack was so vicious Lisa had to use a commode as she recovered.

The 44-year-old said she can think of no reason for the attack – other than jealousy.

Lisa Hall has opened up about the horror of the attack (Image: Facebook)

Zoe and Joan were both convicted of grievous bodily harm after a trial at Portsmouth Crown Court and sentenced to five years in prison for the attack.

Lisa was enjoying a night out in the center of Bognor Regis in January 2018 when she was set upon by the pair.

Her husband Danny had dropped her off along with her daughter Holly.

At roughly 11.30pm Lisa decided she was too tired to go onto a nightclub and instead called Danny to pick them both up.

Zoe Lee, 22, started the attack on Lisa in January 2018 (Image: Sussex Police)

Speaking to Mail Online she said: “All of a sudden one of the girls in front turned around and gave me a nasty stare, before calling me a f***ing dirty prostitute.”

The aggressive girl then walked toward Lisa and said it again. Then the physical attack started.

Lisa felt a searing pain across her face – she was punched, and then pushed, hit and kicked.

The 44-year-old fell to the ground and tried to shield her teeth ‘instinctively’.

As she lay stricken on the ground she noticed an older woman – Joan – had joined in.

Joan Lee, 47, was sentenced to five years in prison for GBH in April last year (Image: Sussex Police) 

Lisa screamed in pain and everything went black until she awoke with daughter Holly standing over her in floods of tears.

Danny had also arrived and he insisted she was going to hospital – where she ended up in a wheelchair in A&E.

Nurses had to cut Lisa out of her jeans, reports the Mail, so they could assess the damage.

And when she saw her right foot it looked ‘wretched’ and was ‘twisted backwards’ where it was broken.

There were even fears she could lose her leg.

While still recovering from the shock of the attack Lisa was visited by police who had launched an investigation into the horror assault.

The next day Lisa underwent a six-hour operation to insert metal plates, screws and bolts in her right leg. It’s left her with a 12-inch scar running down her leg.

The trial of the mother and daughter was held at Portsmouth Crown Court (stock photo) (Image: Solent News & Photo Agency)

With the help of CCTV detectives were able to identify her attackers.

The police charged Zoe and Joan Lee with GBH, alongside a third woman. They all denied it, which meant a trial.

Lisa bravely turned down the offer of a screen during the trial at Portsmouth Crown Court.

After a nine day trial both mother and daughter were found guilty of GBH and in April last year, were sentenced to five years in prison. The third woman was found not guilty.

And the pair have never explained why they launched the vicious assault.

“All I could think was that Zoe was jealous of the way I looked and the fact I was popular – everyone in the bar knew me,” she said.

“Maybe her mother was jealous too, so she joined in.”

Lisa added: “But I reckon that pair were jealous of my big boobs and blonde hair, so they beat me up for it.”

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