Fresno’s Devin Nunes Explains his memory lapse

Watch the Fox news person as Devin Nunes attempts to explain his FLASH! AMNESIA! and the return of his memory. (Praise the Holy spirit !) Just how did Lev Pamrnas happen to get his cell number? Was it Devine Intervention? Devout followers and all purpose nosy people want to know? Just how did he get his private number?

Now dis man. Mr Nunes don’t recall. Recalls him and his aids in Vienna, Austria “YES HE DOES! WHERE!! HE was setting up meetings with Nunes and company and members of the Urkrainian Gov-Ment ( Yes there are receipts) and the House has them. Now, as for his District in California, he’s been absent. Missed out on some important issues in his district which might be forgivable if he was selling fruit and vegetables or those World famous California raisins to those Ukrainians. But no, this may have been about the Biden’s.

In his free time. The former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee is suing everyone. From tweetah to CNN, and people and things far an wide. One of those pesky questions is, where he is getting the cash to pay for these lawsuits? The reality is, he will NEED MO-NAY in 2020 and 2021. Cause he got some serious splaning to do to da gov-mint bout his involvement in the Ukraine and he was need some real lawyers.

News @7:30. CityFella